UFC 229 - The Best Khbabib-McGregor Prop Bets

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October 5th, 2018

UFC 229 Best Khabib-McGregor Prop Bets

UFC 229 is coming right down the barrel this Saturday, October 6th live from Las Vegas. We've already covered the main card, but one of the best things about a main event this big is that it gets our odds makers working overtime in the side bets department. Khabib Nurmagomedov is still a -185 favorite as of this writing, with Conor coming in at +135. But if you don't love those numbers, there are some mouth watering Khabib-McGregor prop bets to dig in to. Let's check out some of the best ones.

Method of Victory - Conor McGregor KO +200 / Nurmagomedov Win By Points +390 One of the keys to utilizing any prop betting market effectively is to make a philosophical choice from the onset: are you going all-in on one side, or are you hedging? Offsetting a Khabib win by betting on a Conor KO is one way to do it. But you can also double your money by taking multiple chances here. Nurmagomedov is also listed in this market at +265 to win by submission, but if you think the Russian is going to drag this fight out the distance just to embarrass Conor for as long as possible, than a +390 mark is going to pay out big time. Likewise, Conor could use his lightning left to end this fight early and a +200 return is a comfy price considering that all he does at the lighter weight classes is knock people out.

Round Betting - Conor McGregor Round 2 +900 / Nurmagomedov Round 4 +1400 There is a ton of serious potential in this Khabib-McGregor prop bets market. Each fighter ending this bout early is priced at +500 and +550 depending on which fighter you prefer. A fifth round finish nets you either +2000 or +2600. However, these two selections in particular feel like the best wagers to make. Conor will likely spend the first round feeling out his opponent, getting accustomed to the octagon, and using as much spacing as required to get his nerves calmed. If he's going to strike and end this early in the python-esque way we're accustomed to, the second round is where he'll make his mark, so that's why this is being touted as a worthy take in Khabib-McGregor prop bets.

Conversely, Khabib has all the confidence and patience in the world to allow this fight to bleed out in to the later rounds. Conor has only made it past the second round twice in his 24-fight career. Both instances happened in the UFC against Max Holloway in 2013 and during the rematch against Nate Diaz in 2016. The lightweight champion knows this and will use whatever strategies he can to get McGregor sucking wind by the later stages. Fatigue creates opportunities, and Nurmagomedov is a fighter that simply does not get tired, while we've seen what happens to McGregor in the later rounds. Khabib has won fights by decision 10 times in his career, and is also a tactical wrestler who knows when to pick his spots. It's not a matter of "if" he takes down Conor McGregor. It's only a matter of "when". By the fourth round, Conor may have nothing left.

Double Chance - Khabib To Win By Points or Submission -110 If you don't love the steep odds that Nurmagomedov is getting to win straight up, you can simply take him to win by either of his preferred methods at -110, which is a much fairer price. He could also win by KO or submission at +100, but it's more likely that he takes this fight the full way to showcase his talent and his dominant ability. This is, of course, provided that he isn't staring at the arena lights if he slips up and Conor connects with his brutally heavy hands. This is why exploring the Khabib-McGregor prop bets market is worth your time. More often than not, you're going to find a play that presents a much better value than the straight up victory.