UFC 270: Moreno vs. Figueiredo 3 betting odds, preview, and pick

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Danny Howard

January 18th, 2022

The violent flyweight trilogy between Brandon Moreno and Deiveson Figueiredo serves as the co-main event at UFC 270 on Saturday, Jan. 22. Let's dig into this grudge match, beginning with the latest betting odds.

Sun, January 23 2022, 3:00 AM

Moreno, Brandon



Figueiredo, Deiveson



Moreno holds the title and has the edge

In the two fights between the best flyweights in the world, Moreno has shown he has all the tools he needs to beat Figueiredo. Their first fight was a brutal brawl that saw Moreno outwork Figueiredo and stood up to some pretty massive shots. He then submitted him in the second fight to win the title.

Moreno’s success comes from being able to handle Figueiredo’s massive size and his superior ground game. Though it’s not a stretch to say Moreno should be 2-0 against Figueiredo, it’s clear that his ability to adjust and offset his opponent’s best tools have given him the edge.

Brandon Moreno vs. Deiveson Figueiredo tale of the tape

Brandon Morenovs.Deiveson Figueiredo
Last 5 Fights

Figueiredo must make it a short fight

While Moreno may have the superior technique, Figueiredo is still the bigger and stronger fighter. Any wrong move by Moreno can result in him getting mauled as if he were attacked by an angry bear.

Conventional wisdom dictates that the longer the fight goes, the more it will benefit the champion. To close out the trilogy and regain his title, Figueiredo has to be efficient and not rush into situations where he’ll be put on his back.

Moreno will score the clearest win of the trilogy

In each of the previous fights, the big question was if Moreno could handle Figueiredo’s massive size, and he has made it clear that he can. These guys haven’t moved on from each other since June of last year, and because Moreno has improved after each fight, he’s in position to win easier this time around.

Figueiredo does have the outside chance of downing Moreno with his power, but Moreno’s chin and footwork will bail him out of getting chin-checked. Unless he’s come up with a new plan of attack to hurt a fighter he can’t hurt, Figueiredo is up against it.

These two have had enough time around each other to know what to expect. This will remain a competitive bout, but Moreno will hold his own up top and take Figueiredo down a few times to seal the deal. Expect Moreno to win a clear decision and stand tall against his flyweight rival.

UFC 270 pick: Moreno