UFC 270: Ngannou vs. Gane betting odds, preview, and pick

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Danny Howard

January 17th, 2022

The UFC's true heavyweight champion will be determined on Saturday, Jan. 22 when Francis Ngannou and Ciryl Gane collide at UFC 270. Let's examine this eagerly anticipated bout, beginning with the latest betting odds.

Sun, January 23 2022, 3:00 AM

Ngannou, Francis


Gane, Ciryl


Gane hopes to trade paper for gold

It was only a matter of time before Gane got a shot at the title, and his prodigious run has him on the cusp of what could be the beginning of a dominant run. Gane has shown that he’s an all-around nightmare that strikes hard, grapples well, and doesn’t make a lot of mistakes in his execution.

Gane can operate as a stalker or a killer, being a dangerous striker along with capable ground skills. Much like how former champion Stipe Miocic bedeviled Ngannou in their first fight with his skill rather than grit, Gane has everything he needs to replicate the feat and win the title.

Francis Ngannou vs. Ciryl Gane tale of the tape

Francis Ngannouvs.Ciryl Gane
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Ngannou must fire at will

If Gane is bringing the brain, then Ngannou is surely bringing the brawn. As one of the most explosive strikers in UFC history, Ngannou’s touch of death has ended fights in mere seconds, and he has greatly improved his technique over the last few years.

As explosive as Ngannou is, he isn’t unstoppable, and he isn’t built to fight for five hard rounds. Coming right at Gane will certainly be the strategy to take, and he’s going to need to hit him hard early to make a successful title defense.

Gane will send Ngannou packing

One thing about Gane is that he is supremely confident in his abilities and is not afraid to fight. Most tacticians in his vein shy away from dusting it up, but if Gane finds any opening to do some serous damage, he’ll take it. He’ll find plenty of openings in Ngannou’s wide, dangerous strikes, and will absolutely see the fight swing in his favor the longer it goes.

Gane has a lot of similarities to Miocic in his prime, not the worn down version Ngannou doinked for his title. On that night, Ngannou was beaten so comprehensively that nobody would have thought he’d ever be a reigning champion.

Ngannou isn’t without ways to win, but Gane is a bad matchup for him. Expect Gane’s mobility and formidable power to set the pace early. He'll stay busy and working on the outside, waiting for Ngannou to counter. Eventually, Gane will pile up the points and gas Ngannou out to win a clear and dominant decision.

UFC 270 pick: Gane