UFC Fight Night: Chiesa vs. Magny betting odds and preview

Profile Picture: Danny Howard

January 18th, 2021

The UFC returns to Fight Island on Wednesday, Jan. 20 as Michael Chiesa and Neil Magny collide in what should be an excellent welterweight showdown. We have the preview and picks you need before fight night.

Wed, January 20 2021, 7:45 PM

Chiesa, Michael



Magny, Neil



Near and far

This fight pits one fighter with an abnormally long reach against another who is an exceptional mat technician. Simply put, Magny will win if he can utilize his reach, and Chiesa will win if he can successfully bypass it.

11 of Chiesa’s wins have come from submissions. After a long stint at lightweight, he’s looked strong at welterweight, winning his last three fights. The glaring issue with Chisea is that he spends a lot of time grinding, and isn’t as capable in his stand up. If Magny can get into his usual high-output rhythm, he’ll be the more attractive competitor from the judge’s point of view.

Chisea vs. Magny tale of the tape

Michael Chiesa-----Neil Magny
Last 5 Fights
Key Intangibles

Who can impose their will?

Magny may be a busy, long striker, but he isn’t packing much heat. He's a fighter who wins by running out the clock, and not necessarily by brutalizing his opponents. Magny is a methodical striker who knows how to keep his opponents on the end of his longer strikes, and that could eat up a lot of time. Chiesa will be taking a lot of shots going in with the hopes that he can get Magny on the mat.

Even if Chiesa is successful, Magny has solid conditioning and decent ground defense so any trip to the canvas isn’t a death knell. This also could mean that whatever work Chiesa can do, it will have to be consistent to come out on top.

The odds suggest  a close fight, but from a physical standpoint, Magny’s tools clearly stand out.

Chiesa won’t stop Magny’s work rate

Expect Magny to land enough shots to steal some rounds. Neither man has enough firepower to stop the other, but I like this fight to go the distance (-160) and for Magny to win by points (+150). He’ll be busier, sharper and finish stronger.

MMA pick: Magny