BetAmerica NBA Pick Six Jackpot


The bonus prize is at to $800, and grows by $200 every week until someone wins!

To win the BetAmerica Pick Six Jackpot, and get the bonus prize, in addition to your first place prize:

Enter the BetAmerica Pick Six Jackpot contest on BetAmerica Sports for $5.50. This contest runs most Wednesdays on the NBA, and tips off at 7:00PM ET this weekend. Pick six players, one for each tier. If the six players you selected are each the top scorer in their tier, you have a perfect lineup! And if you are the only player who selected a perfect lineup in the contest, you’ll win the bonus jackpot in addition to your 1st place prize!


Above are this week's prize amounts for the BetAmerica Pick Six Jackpot game.



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