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January 10th, 2014

Question Clarification:

"There are 10 NBA games tonight (Monday 3/24). What will be the 'Combined Points Total' for TONIGHT'S top THREE scorers?"

If you only looked at the NBA stats from tonight, add the top three scorers points totals together. This is what you are trying to predict.

Here is an example of how the game would have played from an earlier night:

Monday 1/20/2014 - NBA Points Leaders 1. Chandler Parsons: 31 pts 2. Michael Carter-Williams - 31 pts 3. Nick Young - 31 pts 4. LeBron James - 30 pts 5. Rodney Stuckey - 29 pts

The correct answer from this night would of been 93 (31 + 31 + 31 = 93).


Official Rules

1. You must predict the answer exactly to be declared a winner. It is NOT a contest where the closest guess wins. 2. If there is more than one winner, the winners will all evenly split the $50 prize. 3. In the circumstance where a points tie exists between the 3rd and 4th highest scoring players, we will still only count the top three points totals for that night.

For Example, in this circumstance, the correct answer is still 99.

1. Player A - 35 pts 2. Player B - 34 pts 3. Player C - 30 pts 4. Player D - 30 pts

4. Winners will be announced and credited on Tuesday (3/25). 5. If there is no winner, we will run another contest the later in the week and add $10 to the prize pool 6. You must have a BetAmerica account previous to entering the contest. You also must have made at least one deposit into your BetAmerica account. 7. One entry per BetAmerica user. 8. The $50 prize will be rewarded as a FanEx Sports or BetAmerica credit, NOT CASH. 9. You can't edit your previously submitted entry on Facebook after the submission period ends. 10. BetAmerica encourages customers to participate in promotions, but to refrain from abusing them. Abuse of bonus promotions, involvement in syndication or collusion which comes to the attention of BetAmerica, will result in the withdrawal of bonus privileges, forfeiture of winnings and/or account closure, the decision of BetAmerica on this matter is final.

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