FanEx Sports: How to fill out a NBA Daily Fantasy roster and Tips for 3/21/2014

Cameron DeLay

March 21st, 2014


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Kevin Durant. K-D. MVP. Durant is just flat out unreal this season and has the FanEx vote for MVP this season.  Whether it is knocking down fade away 3-pointers, throwing down a one-handed jam, or breaking a defenders ankles with a crossover, Durant is playing on another level than anyone else including LeBron.  Last night Durant scored over 25 points for the 33 consecutive game putting him only 7 game behind Michael Jordan's record of 40 games back in the 1986-1987 season.  In chasing a legend, Durant seems more focused than ever to win his first championship of his career.  The West look poised to take the title this year with both Miami and Indiana slipping just slightly while the Spurs, Thunder, Clippers, and Rockets all look ready to make some noise come playoff time.  Watching the NCAA March Madness just gets us all excited to watch the NBA playoffs in less than a months time now!

Friday's and Wednesday's provide a wide range of players to select from creating tons of different lineups and guys you like.  The key to creating a Pick 5 or a Pick 7 lineup is to find value in guys that cheap.  Injuries and rest days for starters provide backups a great opportunity to get a surprising boost in fantasy production at their backup price. Understanding who gets the increased minutes when a player goes down is crucial to understanding if a backup or another starter will have an increase in their production and minutes.  If you are having trouble finding this information than sign up for daily fantasy forums like LuDawgs in order to bounce roster ideas and injury news off other players in the industry.  Being able to roster a solid backup that will have an increase in minutes is key to allowing you to have enough salary to possibly chose 3 star studs. However, sometimes star players can put up duds due to blowouts, difficult match-ups, or a sheer bad day, but predicting this and knowing which star will reach value is key to cashing in a contest or going home empty handed.  Make sure to look at a players past performances versus the team they are facing as well as how they have been performing over the past 2 weeks.  This will give you an idea as to what kind of groove the player is going into that night's game. Overall, picking a fantasy roster is a personal preference and there is never a perfect answer as to what the best way to fill put your lineups is, but do what works best for you and adjust if you find yourself falling out of the cash every night.

Player to consider for 3/21/2014:
  • Kevin Durant - Although on a back to back and against the Raptors on the road, Durant is just playing to well for me to even think about sitting him tonight.  The only way you would sit Durant is if you think you can get above average value out of other mid-level priced forwards.
  • Carmelo Anthony - Carmelo is Carmelo and he has typically been a reliable option for fantasy, and tonight he and the Knicks play the worst team in the league, the 76ers.  It is hard not to like Melo tonight with such a nice match-up with no one really capable of guarding him on Philly.  It will be a toss up tonight on which star you decide to slot in most of your rosters.
  • Anthony Davis - Anthony Davis was a late game scratch in his last game and destroyed tons of players rosters, but he should return to action tonight against a very favorable match-up against the Hawks.  Davis's month of March has been Durant-like numbers, so if he plays tonight you should heavily consider Davis as either a forward or center in your lineup.
  • John Wall - Wall and the Wizards travel to LA tonight to play the Lakers with Kendall Marshall and now Steve Nash, returning from being ruled out for the year last week, as the only PG options for the Lakers.  Wall and the Wizards should have a field day with penetration in the paint, and Wall is my top level option at the point guard position tonight.
  • Tony Wroten - If James Anderson is out again, Wroten should have a decent boost tonight again as the 76ers play the Knicks.  Wroten has been a solid performer over the last three games averaging 25 FanEx points with 32 in his last game against Chicago.  The Knicks have one of the worst defenses in the league and the 76ers have nothing to lose so I can see Wroten getting tons of minutes and opportunities to repeat his last FanEx performance.
  • Amar'e Stoudemire - Amar'e has averaged 17 points and 6 rebounds in the month of March and the Knicks play the slumping 76ers.  Look for Amar'e and even Tyson Chandler to have an absolute field day down low against the 76ers today and they both are good plays tonight.
  • Drew Gooden - Gooden has been great down low for the Wizards over the last three and has a solid match-up against the Lakers tonight.  Look for Gooden to get a boost in his already valuable 20-point 9-rebound average over the last three.  O and did I mention that he is only priced at $18.  Great bargain play tonight.
Friday's NBA Schedule:
  • CHI v IND at 7:00PM EST
  • NYK v PHI at 7:00PM EST
  • OKC v TOR at 7:00PM EST
  • NOP v ATL at 7:30PM EST
  • BOS v BKN at 7:30PM EST
  • MEM v MIA at 7:30PM EST
  • DEN v DAL at 8:30PM EST
  • DET v PHX at 10:00PM EST
  • SAS v SAC at 10:00PM EST
  • WAS v LAL at 10:30PM EST