FanEx Sports NBA Daily Fantasy Recap for 3/10/2014 to 3/16/2014

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Cameron DeLay

March 17th, 2014


Anthony Davis has been on a complete tear over the month of March.

Weekly Recap:

It was another great week in the NBA and on FanEx.  For fantasy basketball, a lot comes down to gut feeling about a player and your manipulation with the salary cap to get the best value you can out of all of your players in your roster.  However, stats and recent success from a player can heavily cause fantasy players to ride the recent success leading to glory or an absolute bust performance.  With that in mind, here are the top 10 NBA players from last week using the FanEx Sports scoring system.
  1. Anthony Davis - 57 FanEx points per game
  2. Kevin Durant - 42.4 FanEx points per game
  3. Blake Griffin - 41.7 FanEx points per game
  4. Russell Westbrook - 41.5 FanEx points per game
  5. Joakim Noah - 40.3 FanEx points per game
  6. Al Jefferson - 39.5 FanEx points per game
  7. Kevin Love - 39 FanEx points per game
  8. Kyle Lowry - 38.8 FanEx points per game
  9. Paul Millsap - 38.3 FanEx points per game
  10. Carmelo Anthony - 38.1 FanEx points per game
Anthony Davis has been on a complete tear over the last 7 days averaging 35 points, 13.3 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal, and 3 blocks.  Playing at a higher level than all of his opponents, Anthony seems to be finding his stride down the stretch of this season.  Last night he set franchise records by being the first player in franchise history to score at least 28 points in six straight games, and the first to record a 40-point, 20-rebound game.  The Brow has been dominating the league in the month of March and continues his success on Thursday when Toronto comes into town.  As of right now, there is no reason Davis is not considered in all of your lineups moving forward.

With eight out of the top ten players from last week being front-court players, it is good to see Russell Westbrook jump into the top 5 as the leading guard.  Westbrook seems to be finding his groove within the Thunder system after coming back from injury.  This month he has recorded a triple-double in 20 minutes, had a 36-point, 9-assist, and 9-rebound game, and has scored over 20 points in his last three outings.  It is safe to say that Westbrook and Durant can co-exist within the Thunders system as they both are in the top 5 this week.  Some other fantasy sites may have a few more guards within their top ten, but front-court players are dominating the FanEx leader board this week.

Monday's NBA Picks:
  • Blake Griffin - $55.76 - Blake Griffin's last game under 20-points was on January 18th, and even with Chris Paul back at 100% Griffin has still been a fantasy point gold mine averaging 41 FanEx point over the last week. Tonight the Clippers face a Nugget team that plays little to no defense and just wants to put as many points on the board in a run and gun offense.  Coming off of a victory against the Heat, the Nuggets could hang tough in this game tonight, which is music to fantasy players ears as Griffin should reach value tonight yet again.
  • Kris Humphries - $26.82 - Humphries is averaging 15.4 points and 10 rebounds over the last five games and tonight he plays a Mavericks team that struggles to defend the middle of the paint.  Big mean seem to have decent success against a decent Mavericks team, and with Humphries hot streak continuing into St. Patrick's Day you have to have at least one Celtic in your lineup.
  • Paul George - $48.80 - Last time the Pacers and the 76ers played each other, the 76ers kept it close till the end.  Although I don't think this game will be as close as the previous match-up, George has picked up his play as of late.  His up and down season of production seems to be on a high as he dropped 30 points on the Pistons over the weekend, and last game against the 76ers he scored 25 points and had 6 assists and 4 rebounds.  Look for George to get off to another early start tonight against the worst team in the league.
  • Kenneth Faried - $34.10 - Faried has been on a nice run in the month of March averaging 25 points over the last 3 including a huge game against the Heat where he scored 24 points and had 10 rebounds.  Although he will face a tough Clipper team, the Clippers have been known to have defensive lapses during the game and Faried can run and gun with the best of them. Look for Faried to continue his hot month going head to head against Griffin tonight.
Monday's NBA Schedule:
  • ATL v CHA at 7:00PM EST
  • PHI v IND at 7:00PM EST
  • PHX v BKN at 7:00PM EST
  • OKC v CHI at 8:00PM EST
  • UTA v HOU at 8:00PM EST
  • BOA v DAL at 8:30PM EST
  • LAC v DEN at 10:30PM EST