NBA Trade Rumors: Eric Gordon has become a hot commodity

Profile Picture: Dan Halverson

Dan Halverson

February 3rd, 2022

The 2022 NBA Trade Deadline is just a week away, but this year it feels like everyone is sitting around the poker table unwilling to throw any chips in the middle and get involved in a big pot. A lot of folding is taking place, and as a result we had an uncharacteristically quiet January.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest potential names and teams to watch in the final week.

Bradley Beal is reportedly open to a change

One of the most discussed trade targets during the 2020-21 season was Washington Wizards’ guard Bradley Beal. As a lethal shooter and one of the league’s very best scorers, his value to a number of different teams is undeniable.

After months of rumors, however, Beal steadfastly remained with the Wizards and earned the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Fast forward to 2022 and the Wizards are 12th in the conference and look far removed from any kind of notable postseason aspirations. As a result, Beal might be back on the market in earnest. Beal is averaging 23.2 points per game, and surely would like to compete for a championship while still in his prime.

Don’t expect the loyal Beal to publicly advocate for a move, but it sounds like he also might be more accepting if the right situation becomes available.

Malik Beasley could be on the move

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Malik Beasley is allegedly being shopped as the Wolves continue to run their team through Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards.

Beasley is an athletic shooting guard and fourth on the team in points per game, although his Player Efficiency Ranking is second-worst among the top 11 players in the rotation. That said, Beasley is still young, and has shown plenty of top-end talent that could be appealing to a team looking to rebuild with a more youthful roster.

The Pelicans covet shooting

The Pelicans franchise has dealt with plenty of disappointment in recent years. The young core has not been able to put things together in winning fashion, and Zion Williamson still isn’t healthy.

With that said, they remain hopeful they can qualify for the play-in tournament, and want to give young players like Devonte' Graham, Brandon Ingram, and Herbert Jones the perception they’re making an effort to win.

At 19-32 the Pelicans are hardly good, but they are just one spot out of the play-in game and could be targeting a shooter to help their cause. I don’t expect a contender to part ways with some of the more highly-regarded shooters across the league, but a player like Houston Rockets guard Eric Gordon might make a lot of sense for the Pelicans.

Terrence Ross is as good as gone

It would really come as a surprise if the Orlando Magic opted to hang on to veteran guard Terrence Ross.

Ross is getting 25 minutes per game and is scoring 11.5 points, but at 30-years-old he really doesn’t make sense for this very young squad. Ross is an easy plug-and-play option for a team looking to add a proven scorer in exchange for draft capital.