The 5 weirdest moments from the NBA bubble in Orlando

Profile Picture: Ryan Murphy

July 20th, 2020

It’s been anything but business as usual for the NBA this month as the league attempts to resume its 2019-20 season in Orlando. Players and personnel from 22 teams have been embedded in Walt Disney World’s Wide World of Sports campus since July 7, and the scene thus far has resembled an AAU Tournament crossed with a posh sleepaway camp.

There have been balcony parties, fishing trips, and drinking game galore as those in attendance have been trying to stave off boredom while still observing safety protocols. Here are the five weirdest moments so far from the NBA bubble.

Jimmy Butler gets snitched on for dribbling a basketball

A security guard was urgently dispatched to Jimmy Butler’s room during the initial quarantine period to respond to a complaint from an anonymous tipster about a "loud bumping." Was the notoriously ill-tempered guard assaulting a teammate for a missed shot in practice? Had cabin fever finally pushed him over the edge? Not exactly. Jimmy Buckets was simply practicing his ball handling while those around him tried to grab a little shut eye.

Tacko Fall learns how to ride a bike

NBA players have been forced to learn all kinds of new skills to amuse themselves as they isolate from the rest of the world. Clippers guard Pat Beverly has learned how to fish, Nets guard Joe Harris has learned how to golf, and Celtics center Tacko Fall has learned how to ride a bike.

Granted, riding a two-wheeler may not seem especially weird, but it is when the rider in question is a masked 7-foot-5, 300 lb giant. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we present the evidence:

Holmes bursts the bubble for take-out

Richaun Holmes found out the NBA isn’t messing around when he got sent to his room for 10 days after leaving the bubble site to satisfy his fast food jones.

The Sacramento Kings center will now have to undergo enhanced COVID-19 testing and will be prohibited from practicing with his teammates for another week. We sure hope those Chicken McNuggets were worth it.

Instagram model gets invited into the bubble

NBA players can survive full court presses and ACL tears, but it’s still unclear whether they can survive two weeks without female companionship. That became abundantly clear on July 12 when Instagram model Anna Mya tweeted that she had already been invited into the NBA bubble just days after most players began reporting to Orlando.

Mya refused to name names, but that didn’t stop Orlando Magic center Mo Bamba from weighing in:

COVID-19 is beginning to look like nothing compared to the raging hormones of some NBA players.

JJ Redick should be the No. 1 draft pick for your drinking team

JJ Redick has long been known for draining threes, but it turns out he’s also pretty good at draining Bud Lights. The sharpshooter was filmed shot-gunning a beer in a post-practice ice bath on July 12, much to the delight of fans around the world.

Redick isn’t the only NBA player whose beer game is on point. Miami Heat center Meyers Leonard has released a series of Twitter videos in which he has proclaimed himself the undisputed "King of the Bubble." He won’t get many style points, but his speed is absolutely breathtaking.