The ultimate NBA nickname quiz

Profile Picture: Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy

October 28th, 2020

It takes a lot to become a professional athlete. You need skill, talent, determination and, most importantly, a killer nickname.

Every great jock worth his salt has had a classic handle. Some of them, like Michael Jordan, even had five or more. The Bulls superstar was alternately known as MJ, Air Jordan, Money, Mr. June, and Black Jesus.

Nicknames can relate to a player’s place of birth, like Jerry West’s Zeke from Cabin Creek moniker. They can be a nod to their size, like Aron Bayne’s The Big Banger. Or they can simply reference a player’s jersey number, like Chris Paul’s CP3 or Chris Bosh’s CB4. Nicknames help to make big time athletes even larger than life and imbue them with the sort of mystique money can't buy.

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