2018 Buffalo Bills Season Outlook

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August 6th, 2018

2018 Buffalo Bills Season Preview

by D.S. Williamson
For the first time since 1999, the Buffalo Bills made the playoffs last season. It can’t be understated how impressive that was because the Bills had a new head coach in Sean McDermott.

High expectations now abound for the Buffalo Bills. Will Coach McDermott and Buffalo reach those expectations? Or, is a step back in the cards? There are definitely major questions about Buffalo heading into the regular season.

Can A.J. McCarron be a starter in the NFL?

The Buffalo Bills drafted Josh Allen from Wyoming to be their quarterback of the future. That doesn’t mean much in today’s NFL where you must win right away. Allen is nowhere near ready to take the reins in Buffalo.

Knowing this, the Bills also signed A.J. McCarron, Cincinnati’s former back-up QB. McCarron was a solid back-up. If he can become an actual starter in the NFL, Buffalo’s offense could be okay.

I can only write "okay" because center Eric Wood and guard Richie Incognito both retired. Russell Bodine, a former starter for Cincinnati, will fill in for Wood at center. At least McCarron and Wood have some experience playing together. But, rebuilding an offensive line is always an issue.

Buffalo’s Defense Should Rock

The 2018 Buffalo Bills defense should be close to impenetrable now that the Bills added defensive tackle Star Lotulelei, run stopper Harrison Phillips, and one of the very best defensive players in this year’s draft in linebacker Tremaine Edmunds.

Edmunds is exciting. Buffalo allowed a bad 124.6 rushing yards per game last season. The additions mean that Buffalo’s D should lower that too, possibly, around 100 yards per. Buffalo might end up with a Top 5 defensive unit.

But…the Schedule is Ridiculous

Although the defense should be great, the Bills and their fans face the same dilemma that every team in the AFC East Division faces, a tough out of conference schedule. The reason is because the AFC East battles the NFC North this season.

Buffalo takes on Minnesota and Green Bay on the road.  They must also battle Detroit at home. They get Jacksonville at home, but they face Houston on the road.

The schedule, like it is so many times in the NFL, is the issue. Even if A.J. McCarron turns into the half version of Jim Kelly and even if the defense rocks it, the 2018 Buffalo Bills play too many good teams this season to write that they return to the playoffs.