Five unbreakable Super Bowl records

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Dan Halverson

January 31st, 2022

For many in the sports world, the Super Bowl is the premier event of the year. While much of the day is spent celebrating nachos, Bud Light, and extraneous topics unrelated to football, the amazing acts that occur on the field are what get remembered.

Let’s take a look at five unbreakable records and feats that have occurred in Super Bowl history.

5. 45-point margin of victory (Super Bowl XXIV)

In Super Bowl XXIV the San Fransisco 49ers and Joe Montana laid a beatdown on the Denver Broncos, 55-10. The winning margin is the largest Super Bowl history, and it’s hard to imagine any Super Bowl ever getting that far out of hand ever again.

The NFL has taken major steps to increase parity, and the difficulty teams face to keep together superior rosters prevents the possibility of a team so good that the next best team in the league can’t keep it within six and a half touchdowns.

4. Steve Young's six touchdown passes (Super Bowl XXIX)

In Super Bowl XXIX, Steve Young and 49ers put on a passing display for the ages against the San Diego Chargers. Young threw for six touchdowns, a Super Bowl record that still stands to this day.

Despite the fact that passing continues to be on the rise in the NFL, six touchdowns at the top level of competition may never be equaled.

3. Tom Brady's seven Super Bowl rings

Tom Brady has won an incredible seven Super Bowls, and it's hard to imagine any quarterback is going to surpass that number.

With salary caps, draft assignments, and the randomness that occurs with parity, Brady’s seven championships are a record that will stand for the foreseeable future.

2. Jacoby Jones' 108-yard kick return (Super Bowl XLVII)

In Super Bowl XLVII, Ravens wide receiver and kick returner Jacoby Jones had the longest scoring play in NFL history, a 108-yard kick return.

As efforts are made to improve the value of a touchback, to avoid the brutal collisions that occur during kick returns, it’s unlikely that any kick return will be taken back from that far ever again, let alone in the Super Bowl.

1. Fastest safety in Super Bowl history (Super Bowl XLVIII)

In Super Bowl XLVIII, the Denver Broncos faced the Seattle Seahawks and experienced the fastest safety in Super Bowl history. On the first play from scrimmage, Peyton Manning had the ball snapped past him, into the end zone for a safety.

A safety is a rare occurrence in professional football, and to have it occur on the first play from scrimmage is even rarer. Odds of a safety in the Super Bowl typically come in around the +1000 mark. The odds of it occurring on the first play have to be around +100000. The "fastest safety in Super Bowl history" is a record that is never coming down.