Coin Flips and Gatorade Showers: The weirdest prop bets available for Super Bowl LVI

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Dan Halverson

February 10th, 2022

The Super Bowl is the most bet-on event all year in the United States, and also features the most betting options. The list of player props are excellent for line shoppers and can provide easy arbitrage opportunities, but the real fun for many bettors comes from the wild offerings that only come around once a year.

Today let’s look at five of the most interesting novelty prop bets on the board.

Coin Flip

TwinSpires Sportsbook has added an extremely exciting new element to the traditional coin toss props that have been offered for decades now by linking the coin toss winner to the game winner. This feels very much like the Adam Sandler movie Uncut Gems, but with hopefully a better outcome.

Team to win coin toss and the game

Cincinnati Bengals
Los Angeles Rams

The opportunity to get over twice as good of odds on the eventual game winner if you’re right about the coin toss outcome is very intriguing. And with the coin toss taking place a few minutes prior to kickoff, you could simply re-bet the game line if you lose the coin toss component of this prop.

Gatorade Color for Winning Team

The coin toss draws you right in from the very beginning, and this prop will keep you on the edge of your seat at the very end.

First Gatorade color dumped on the winning coach


Every winning team celebrates by pouring their coolers out on the coach, and the question is which color will end up coming out of the tub?

Orange is the slight favorite as that is apparently a league favorite, but Blue and Yellow have their appeal as well with the Rams featuring both of those colors on their uniforms. You might get a glimpse of somebody’s cup on the sideline before things go final to tip off the result, but something about seeing all that liquid come splashing out if you picked the correct color is a different kind of refreshing.

Coaches' Challenge

With the magnitude of the game, it is very likely that at least one coach will use a coaches challenge at some point to give their team an edge.

Now you can bet on either which team will be the first to use a challenge, as well as the result of the first challenge in the game. "Play Overturned" is a slight favorite, indicating the market thinks any coach willing to stick their neck out and throw the red flag will have solid grounds to do so.

Outcome of First Coaches' Challenge

Play Overturned
Play Stands

Final Play a Kneel

Another prop that is going to have you sweating at the end of the game regardless of the score, this one asks you to decide whether you believe the final play will be a quarterback kneel.

Final Play of the Game to be a Quarterback Kneel


"Yes" is heavily favored at -190, which is effectively betting that the winning team will possess the ball last. If the losing team has it last, this prop is sure to cash in for the underdog at +150.

Don’t care who wins but want to root for something to be happening all the way until the end? Take the plus odds and cheer wildly for any play besides the most boring one in football.

Longest Punt

The longest punt props might not be the weirdest props I’ve ever seen, but let’s be honest: If you tell somebody you bet on the longest punt of the game, you’re going to get plenty of smirks.

The market is very evenly split too, which makes this especially interesting. Kevin Huber is just slightly favored over Johnny Hekker to have the longest of the game, or you can select one of them to pin one deep if you prefer some plus odds.

Player to Record Longest Punt

Kevin Huber
Johnny Hekker

Whichever of the punting props you select, it's guaranteed to make for a comically entertaining interest in one of the more mundane plays of any game.