Colts' Super Bowl odds soar following 0-2 start

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September 21st, 2021

We’re two weeks into the 2021 National Football League season, and some fanbases are already reaching for their respective panic buttons. One franchise has seen their Super Bowl odds soar after an 0-2 start, but while the squad did stumble out of the gate, fans shouldn’t be too alarmed just yet.

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Colts had high expectations entering 2021

The Indianapolis Colts were a trendy pick to do well this season. After an 11-5 campaign in 2020, Frank Reich and company replaced the retired Philip Rivers with Carson Wentz, and hopes were high that the Colts would take yet another step forward in 2021.

So far, however, it’s been a rough year. Wentz missed much of the preseason due to injuries and a bout with COVID-19, and once the season started, Indianapolis was greeted with back-to-back games against the Seattle Seahawks and the Los Angeles Rams. The Colts fell 28-16 to the Seahawks before being edged 27-24 by the Rams, and they’re tied with the Jacksonville Jaguars at the bottom of the NFC South.

Colts' Super Bowl odds have soared to +4000

As a result, the Colts, who were around +2500 to win the big game at the start of the season, can now be had at +4000, nearly double the price. I’m not the most bullish on the Colts’ 2021 prospects, as it’s fair to wonder if Wentz is the same quarterback we saw flash brilliance in Philadelphia, but that number hits me as way too high.

Indianapolis was probably never winning either of their first two contests. The NFC West is absolutely loaded with talent, and there’s no shame in losing to two teams that may make the playoffs. One can argue they’d have always been underdogs at Tennessee this week, too, even before news of Wentz’s sprained ankles broke following Sunday’s loss. The back half of their schedule is far easier than the front half, and with the exception of a Christmas Day road game at Arizona, the Colts could be pretty heavy favorites in four of their last five games.

There's no need to panic in Indy

At some point, the Colts will need to beat good teams, and they have the weapons to do that. Frank Reich has proven himself to be a solid coach, and if anyone can keep Wentz healthy and get the most out of him, it’s him.

If you backed the Colts at +2500, don’t panic. If you’re looking for a dark horse that may present value, +4000 looks awfully attractive. If Indianapolis upsets Tennessee and tops Miami in Week 4, that number could come cratering down.