Find value and excitement with NFL future wagers

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Dan Halverson

July 1st, 2019

The beauty of being a gambler is the seemingly endless ways to make a profit.

Most of us take this on one game at a time, trying to beat the spread in a full-time, single game, but sometimes we bet futures to really add excitement to a season. Futures provide that dream of being like the St. Louis Blues fan who recently cashed his $100,000 ticket, but there are plenty of other ways to take an opinion on the future of a team or player and turn it into a wager.

In the NFL there are several different types of regular-season futures that are offered across the sportsbook continuum at any number of places from Las Vegas to BetAmerica.

Perhaps the most popular future is regular-season win totals. If I see the Los Angeles Chargers at 9.5 wins, I can elect to bet on them achieving 10 or more wins, or I can bet on them achieving nine or fewer (for what it's worth, I like the over). These can make for really fun bets and sometimes the most rewarding. There isn't a better feeling as a gambler than picking a team to win under 7.5 games and then watching them struggle to a 2-9 record. It is imperative to look at a team's schedule when assessing how to wager on this prop.

The New England Patriots have won the last 10 AFC East division titles, but some gamblers might be gun-shy to lay -400 odds in a four-horse race. A 25 percent ROI every single year for 10 years straight is impressive, though, no matter what line of work you're in. Looking for divisions with a clear separation between the top and bottom should give some value, as there are inevitably optimists, loyal fans and underdog lovers who will wager on teams with worse odds than they deserve. Be realistic and intuitive, and sometimes these are the future wagers that in hindsight look like the easiest ones we didn't bet.

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