Is this the end for Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay?

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April 27th, 2020

The Green Bay Packers were able to post a 13-3 record last season, with a rookie head coach, thanks to a suddenly good defense and a running game that finally took some of the load off quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ shoulders.

The Packers lost the in the NFC Championship game, but they looked good enough to suggest their +1800 odds to win the Super Bowl could be a steal, if they improved in the NFL Draft.

The Packers shocked observers by drafting Love

Many expected the Packers to boost the defense or give Rodgers more weapons, but Green Bay shocked everyone when it drafted Utah State QB Jordan Love.

Love was going to be a risky pick for any team. His inability to read defenses and tendency to force bad throws makes him a liability for even the most quarterback-starved franchises, yet the Packers drafted him to send a message to Rodgers.

That message was that as good as he still is, his time is up. The Green Bay front office has had its hands full, as Rodgers threw his weight around over the last few seasons. The QB was instrumental in Mike McCarthy’s departure and isn't exactly revered by his teammates or coaching staff.

Is Rodgers still part of Green Bay's future?

If the Packers’ front office believes that much in Love, it might take steps to end the Rodgers era before it gets too ugly.

Even at 36-years-old, trading Rodgers could produce an abundance of resources for Green Bay. Love isn’t going to transition into a winning QB right away, and Rodgers won’t be taking a back seat to him at any point while they are both in Green Bay. Trading Rodgers could give the Packers a boost to rebuild in the years to come.

Rodgers isn't the mentoring type

Rodgers could help develop Love, but he doesn't seem to be the type. He knows how high he sits on the food chain. Love might be in for a few seasons of awkwardness, unless Rodgers demands a trade or Green Bay scuttles him for picks.

Rodgers may already see the writing on the wall, and how he reacts, knowing his replacement is staring him down from the sideline, will determine how far the Packers go next season.

It might be a cold, ugly season for a team that was on the cusp of a championship.

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