Los Angeles Rams Open As Super Bowl 54 Co-Favorite

Profile Picture: Adam Spradling

February 4th, 2019

The blood on Jared Goff's hand isn't even dry, but sports betting is a forward-looking type of hobby so let's wait a minute to digest the New England Patriots winning Super Bowl 53 and look ahead to the Super Bowl 54 futures.

Los Angeles Rams +750 to win Super Bowl 54

No touchdowns in Super Bowl LIII? problem? Yes, they just lost the Super Bowl three hours ago, but that hasn't faded their future value in the eyes' of the oddsmakers. That's fine. But there's just no reason to encourage this wager considering what we just saw. Cooper Kupp will be healthy in 2019, and hopefully so will Todd Gurley, but there's a little to be concerned about.

The biggest questions facing the Rams are along their defensive line, which will still use the 3-4 unless Wade Phillips disappears from some reason. Two of their three starters might be gone. Ndamukong Suh, who will be 32 years old through the 2019 season and is an unrestricted free-agent who demanded a $14 million, 1-year salary from the Rams when he was suddenly set free by Miami. Donte Fowler, who is 24, is also set for a contract extension and will demand some attention given how he flourished when he migrated to the Rams from Jacksonville at mid-season.

The strength of the division will also make things challenging for the Rams, who will have to contend with a healthy Jimmy Garoppolo in San Francisco and a Seattle team that refuses to die quietly.

Kansas City Chiefs +750 to win Super Bowl 54

The other co-favorite to win Super Bowl 54 is the Kansas City Chiefs, the heir-apparent in the AFC with the reigning NFL MVP in Patrick Mahomes. They have to fix that defense, but that's what the off-season is for. A couple key additions to that side will have a massive influence. Simply upgrading from "the worst statistical defense" to "about league average" will make this team a juggernaut. Hell, they were already a juggernaut while allowing a ton of points against. That offense shows no signs of slowing down, and considering how much excitement this team seems to generate, this number is only going to get worse. If you like 'em, have at it.

New England Patriots +850 to win Super Bowl 54

I mean, he'll be 42 next year and Rob Gronkowski might retire, but are you going to doubt that this team's going to be in the hunt after what we just witnessed?

New Orleans Saints +900 to win Super Bowl 54

Those of you who are still riled up about the non-call on Robey-Coleman have a standing argument that the Saints would have at least put up a better fight in Super Bowl LIII. Brees is backed by one of the most reliable running games in the league, and the defense graded out as one of the best units in the NFL through the year. From mid-season on, the Saints performed like the best team in the NFL. Nothing suggests a regression, but I would air caution given how tenuous the Sean Payton situation seems to be. But I can't argue with people jumping on a +900 number on the most balanced team of 2018.

Indianapolis Colts +1900 to win Super Bowl 54

Here's the thing about the Colts that nobody really understands right now: they have $107 million in cap space available. With Andrew Luck returning to elite status, a gettable AFC South, and a ton of promise on the defensive side, this team is probably posting the best value of any team in the 2020 NFL Futures. Other notables in this price range include the Chicago Bears (+1400), Los Angeles Chargers (+1200) and Pittsburgh Steelers (+1600).

You can view the full 2020 NFL Futures here. And for those of you counting at home, there are 213 days left until NFL football is back in our lives.