NFL Power Rankings Week 13

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December 4th, 2018

NFL Power Rankings Week 13

1. Los Angeles Rams (11-1 SU and 5-5-2 ATS) Todd Gurley pulling the "I'll just score this touchdown untouched in a few plays anyways" thing where he burned more time off the clock is the ultimate swagger move.

Next Game: LAR -3.0 at Chicago

2. New Orleans Saints (10-1 SU and 9-2 ATS) You don't get to keep the spot after you lose a game, especially one that EVERYONE saw. Thanks to less-than-spectacular performances from his counterparts in the MVP category, Brees is still the -150 favorite to win the award with Mahomes coming in as the only other threat at +140. Todd Gurley is +2000 and Tom Brady is +4000. That noise you heard is everyone in Boston running to bet on Tom Brady.

Next Game: New Orleans -8.0 at Tampa Bay

3. New England Patriots (9-3 SU and 8-4 ATS) Everyone made a joke about Brady taking forever to reach 1,000 yards but nobody else noticed that the Patriots are suddenly healthy. Even Rex Burkhead is back! Gronk is murdering defensive linemen in the trenches to protect his best buddy. Chris Hogan is alive and well, making big time catches. Having this many weapons at his disposal is when Tom Brady is at his most lethal.

Next Game: New England -7.0 at Miami 4. Kansas City Chiefs (10-2 SU and 8-3-1 ATS) Why drop the Chiefs this low after a win against the Raiders when they didn't cover the spread? It's just tough to measure the Chiefs right now. Spencer Ware was a franchise back before he tore his PCL in the summer of 2017, only to see Kareem Hunt blossom in to one of the best in the league. The fact is that Hunt is better than Ware, but the truth is that it's very difficult know just how much of a difference Ware will make to this offense. The Chiefs were pretty soft on the Raiders, and were visibly unfocused on both sides of the ball. A pick me up against a grizzled Baltimore team that's hit its stride will give them some distance from a bad situation. Beating the Raiders by any measure was the priority to get the ship sailing. Now, it's back to establishing yourself as the best team in the AFC.

Next Game: Baltimore at Kansas City -6.5 5. Los Angeles Chargers (9-3 SU and 7-5 ATS) There is A LOT to write about when it comes to the Chargers. Keenan Allen is criminally underrated. I don't get how the Chargers find running-backs the way they do. This offense is so explosive, and the team is just tough throughout. But they're also just one game back of the Kansas City Chiefs, who they lost to in Week 1. Both teams not only play each other, but each has Baltimore in December. The Chargers can't afford to take their foot off the gas pedal either with a Denver game looming in Week 17. And they have a kicker who can make field goals now (apparently)!

Next Game: Cincinnati at LAC -14.0 6. Houston Texans (9-3 SU and 6-6 ATS) On sheer record alone, the Texans deserve to be this high. But their strength of competition has been bad and it doesn't get any better. The Colts, Jets, Eagles and Jaguars basically propel Houston towards a 12-5 record (or much better) and we still won't know much about how good they actually are by the time we get to the playoffs. They've defeated two teams that currently have winning records, and one of those teams is Dallas. Consider this a Pump The Damn Brakes warning.

Next Game: Indianapolis at Houston -4.5 7. Chicago Bears (8-4 SU and ATS) The marquee matchup of the weekend is Rams-Bears, but Mitchell Trubisky is still doubtful for the game and absolutely nobody wants to see Chase Daniel playing football, especially against (one of) the best teams in the league.

Next Game: LAR -3.0 at Chicago 8. Seattle Seahawks (7-5 SU and 7-3-2 ATS) The number-one rushing team in the league is ripping on a three-game winning streak with two chances to really define their chances as the ultimate playoff spoiler in January. They could ruin the Vikings in Week 14, and then have a date with Kansas City on the road in Week 16.

Next Game: Minnesota at Seattle -3.0

9. Minnesota Vikings (6-5-1 SU and ATS) The Vikings have become a bettor's worst nightmare: they are an absolutely loaded football team that sometimes doesn't show up. It sucks. That's sort of becoming the thing about Kirk Cousins - when he's turned on, the Vikings look like they can beat anyone. Operative word is "look". Minnesota continues that horrible streak of losing to great teams after being pummeled by the Patriots. Their game against the Seahawks is a literal worst-case-scenario if you want to back them because the Seahawks are just as difficult to qualify. To simply things, Minnesota currently gets the benefit of the doubt, but they have done almost nothing to invigorate confidence. They should be better than they are.

Next Game: Minnesota at Seattle -3.0

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-4-1 SU and 6-5-1 ATS) It's obvious that Tomlin greenlit the special teams unit to jump offsides in order to rattle the kicker, which wasn't necessary at all given the fact that the Chargers kicks had been brutal all season long. Tomlin was either outsmarted by Phillip Rivers (which is fine) or outcoached by Anthony Lynn (which is totally not fine!). Now James Conner has a dreaded high ankle sprain and the doom clouds are gathering over Pittsburgh again.

Next Game: Pittsburgh -11.0 at Oakland 11Dallas Cowboys (7-5 SU and ATS) We would've forgiven the Cowboys for losing outright to the Saints, but beating them outright and bulldozing them in the process? Man, that got our attention. The Cowboys next get to feast on Philadelphia.

Next Game: Philadelphia at Dallas -3.5 12. Baltimore Ravens (7-5 SU and 6-6 ATS) We're at a point in the season where more than half the league is flat out terrible, so we're giving kudos to a team that not only has a winning record, but has also found a way to be uniquely entertaining. Lamar Jackson is second amongst quarterbacks with 404 yards on the ground through 12 games. Over the last three weeks he's rushed for 119, 71 and 75 yards. Everyone gets up in arms because this isn't the model that the NFL follows anymore, but Jackson's sheer athletic ability is keeping plays alive and breathing life in to drives. It's awesome. The quarterback Jackson trails in rushing yards should also shed some light on his career trajectory. Cam Newton has 450 yards through a full schedule, and also started out as a (different type of) rushing quarterback. He eventually figured it out. Jackson can too. And besides, he's tantalizing to watch. We can't express this enough. This has to be a treat for Ravens fans after enduring Elite Flacco for so long. 

Next Game: Baltimore at Kansas City -6.5

13. Denver Broncos (6-6 SU and 5-6-1 ATS) Denver continues to chug along as the most annoying potential playoff contender in the NFL. There's almost nothing exciting about this team, and we've all seen what Case Keenum in the playoffs gets you. The defense technically ranks 11th with 21.8 points against per game, but they give up the 25th most yards and are 23rd in both passing and rushing. They're also impossible to trust because the passing game is wildly erratic. If not for the electric Phillip Lindsay, this Broncos offense would be predictable and boring. Even worse? They play the Niners, Browns and Raiders in the last three weeks and don't get the Chargers until Week 17 in a game that may not mean a damn thing. It's fine. We can make money on them for now, but we are sprinting in the other direction come January. Next Game: Denver -5.5 at San Francisco

14. Tennessee Titans (6-6 SU and ATS) Of all the things that Marcus Mariota should've learned by now, it's that he can't outrun NFL defenders like he did in college. The guy's made of toothpicks. You'd think he'd have figured this out by now.

Next Game: Jacksonville at Tennessee -4.0 (Thursday)

15. New York Giants (4-8 SU and 6-5-1 ATS) People made a lot of jokes that OBJ is a better quarterback than Eli Manning. It wouldn't be funny if it wasn't true, but that's also a pretty low bar to set.

Next Game: NYG -3.5 at Washington

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-7 SU and 5-6-1 ATS) To be completely fair, Jameis Winston has been admirable in wins against the Niners and Panthers and has been turnover-free during that stretch. But the playoffs are a pipe dream. The only thing the Bucs can scrounge together is a bit of a moral victory because 8-8 SU is not going to get them in to the playoffs unless there is catastrophic failure across the board. Does winning out and getting "thisclose" to the playoffs keep Winston and Koetter in place for next year? It probably shouldn't.

Next Game: New Orleans -8.0 at Tampa Bay 17. Philadelphia Eagles (6-6 SU and 4-8 ATS) What's worse? The fact that Adrian Peterson ripped off a 90 yard run and then totaled 98 in a loss, or that there were like six guys on the Eagles that couldn't catch him?

Next Game: Philadelphia at Dallas -3.5 18. Miami Dolphins (6-6 SU and 7-5 ATS) You know how Adam Gase was touted as an "offensive genius"? Well, that might actually hold true. Ryan Tannehill threw for 137 yards and 3 touchdowns (which shouldn't be possible) as the Dolphins won a bonkers matchup with the Bills despite being outgained by 240 yards. Even crazier, the Dolphins have the third-worst differential in this respect, allowing opponents to outpace them by 1,168 yards total throughout the season. Adding insult to injury is the fact that the suddenly 6-6 SU Dolphins are still in the playoff race, and are 5-1 SU when they generate more turnovers than they give away. That is the most unpredictable way to bet on football games, but if you have a crystal ball and think Miami can pick off Tom Brady a bunch, then have at it in Week 14.

Next Game: New England -7.0 at Miami  19. Carolina Panthers (6-6 SU and 5-7 ATS) This was a bad time to put together an 0-4 SU and ATS streak. The Panthers still have to play the Saints twice.

Next Game: Carolina -1.5 at Cleveland 20. Indianapolis Colts (6-6 SU and 5-6-1 ATS) Every Indy fan has a total right to be sour right now. Swoope was definitively out on the final play of the game, which would've given the Colts at least two more plays to go for it. Hard to believe that the refs would make a call that tight at a point like that. Then again, Indy shouldn't have been in that situation to begin with.

Next Game: Indianapolis at Houston -4.5 21. Cleveland Browns (4-7-1 SU and 7-5 ATS) Really, Jarvis Landry? You finally post a 100+ yard game after everyone in fantasy has sent you to the bench? C'mon man. You were the Hard Knocks, MVP!

Next Game: Carolina -1.5 at Cleveland 22. Detroit Lions (4-7 SU and 6-5 ATS) We can all agree that Matthew Stafford deserves better than this. It's not that Patricia is an incapable coach; he's still fine tuning his approach as the main man in charge. But year-after-year, Stafford puts up incredible numbers and gets surrounded by guys like Levine Toilolo and Theo Riddick. What was the point of trading Golden Tate again? We all lament that Rodgers should've won more Super Bowls. Stafford entered the Lions at a bad time, when Suh and Megatron also had mammoth rookie deals that capsized their salary maneuvering. But these days? Man, the Lions are just bad at building a good football team. There's just nothing to be excited about here.

Next Game: Detroit -2.5 at Arizona 23. Atlanta Falcons (4-8 and 3-9ATS) Everyone went crazy on the Falcons during the week when they opened as +1.5 underdogs. They were bet down all the way to -2.5 favorites and were then summarily vanquished by the Baltimore Ravens in their own stadium. Man, it was a bad weekend at Mercedes-Benz Stadium come to think of it! Well, if you're a team from Georgia. Atlanta FC United hosts Portland in the MLS final at Mecredes-Benz Stadium as well. Yikes. That place is like 45 minutes old and needs to be blown up just to give the fans something to cheer for.

Next Game: Atlanta at Green Bay -5.5

24. Washington Redskins (6-6 SU and 7-5 ATS) After enduring a career that had more viral lowlights than actual highlights, it's hard to tell if Mark Sanchez is more scared of playing football with a spotlight on his back, or breaking his leg. Colt McCoy suffered a broken leg two weeks after Smith's gruesome injury. That's the worst trend of all time.

Next Game: NYG -3.5 at Washington 25. Arizona Cardinals (3-9 SU and 5-6-1 ATS) Anybody else have David Johnson in a must-win fantasy game only to learn the hard way that a guy named Chase Edmunds is his backup? The news is that DJ lost touches because he missed a blitz pickup so Wilkes (or somebody) decided to bench him. Can we stop with this nonsense? Your franchise just paid this man $40 million to be their go-to superstar and you can't figure out ways to get him the damn ball, which is even harder to do when he's on your bench.

Next Game: Detroit -2.5 at Arizona

26. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8 SU and 4-6-2 ATS) Cody Kessler is undefeated in the NFL. This is an actual fact. Go look it up!

Next Game: Jacksonville at Tennessee -4.0 (Thursday) 27. Green Bay Packers (4-7-1 SU and ATS) And so McCarthy's reign of terror finally comes to an end after losing to one of the worst teams in the league, as a double-digit home favorite. Now the team can start their search because they literally have nothing better to do. Brian Gutekunst is new to the general manager position, and has already done one of the most brazen acts by firing the second longest tenured coach in team history. If there's anyone who would relish the opportunity to coach this team, it's Jim Harbaugh, who's time might be winding down in Michigan. He's already used to the weather, so that's a plus! How Green Bay is even remotely favored by this much against Atlanta is staggering. Anything - and we mean anything - is better than Joe Philbin!

Next Game: Atlanta at Green Bay -5.5 28. San Francisco 49ers (2-10 SU and 3-9 ATS) We're not giving up on you yet, Nick Mullens! We see you throwing for 414 yards in a loss! Mullens signed a two-year deal worth a whopping $1,055,000. The 49ers will most definitely keep him because who knows how long Jimmy G will be out, but teams would be insane not to sniff around. Would you rather trade a 4th rounder for Nick Mullens as a known commodity, or try to win the draft lottery? While we're at it, let's do the ol' anonymous player comparison thingy:

Player A: 286.8 yards per game | 1.8 TD | 1.3 INT | 65.5 % | 91.5 passer rating Player B: 214.9 yards per game | 1.2 TD | 1.5 INT | 55 % | 68.3 passer rating Player C: 263.9 yards per game | 1.8 TD | 1.0 INT | 63.6% | 91.1 passer rating

If you took Player A, you got Nick Mullens over four games. If you took Player B, you're getting Sam Darnold, the third overall pick in the draft. If you're taking Player C, well then you just landed Baker Mayfield, the first overall pick in the draft. Those last two guys deserved to go where they did in April, with each earning over $30 million in guaranteed money. Mullens has totally proven that he's a capable starter on a very bad football team that can't stay healthy anywhere on the roster. Think it's ridiculous to make a heavy handed move to land him? Well Jimmy signed a $137.5 million contract after basically starting 5 games.

Next Game: Denver -5.5 at San Francisco

29. Buffalo Bills (4-8 SU and 5-7 ATS) The bad news is that the Bills lost another game to a division rival. The good news is that Josh Allen now has 234 rushing yards, and is basically one-quarter of the way to catching the GOAT, Tom Brady. 30. Oakland Raiders (2-10 SU and 4-8 ATS) Considering the breakout season that Amari Cooper is having elsewhere, you almost have to wonder if there's anyone else on the Raiders that might be floundering. *scans the roster* Nevermind.

Next Game: Pittsburgh -11.0 at Oakland

31. Cincinnati Bengals (5-7 SU and ATS) "Is Marvin Lewis seriously going to survive another season because Andy Dalton's hand was blown to smithereens?!" Yes, Bengals fans. That's exactly how this works. Sorry.

Next Game: Cincinnati at LAC -14.0

32. New York Jets (4-9 SU and 3-9-1 ATS) It's not like Josh McCown has been a great quarterback during his career, but he's at least been serviceable. The fact that he's thrown four touchdowns in three appearances should be a bit of a saving grace for Sam Darnold, right? It's also a dagger in the heart of offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates.