Super Bowl LV prop bets: Odds suggest winning coach will be doused in Orange Gatorade

Profile Picture: Robert Criscola

February 1st, 2021

One of the more fun prop bets that’s become an annual fixture for the Super Bowl is the “Gatorade prop”. Sportsbooks have been taking action on the color of Gatorade coaches will have dumped on their head in celebration for over 20 years.

It may seem like a truly random outcome to some, but there are some trends which could help guide bettors in the right direction in this market for Super Bowl LV (6:30 p.m. ET, CBS).

Favorites for Super Bowl LV Gatorade prop bet


The case for Orange

Orange (+125) is the betting favorite, and for good reason. When he won Super Bowl LIV, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was doused in orange Gatorade.

Since the Chiefs are favored to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it only makes sense that Orange would be favored. There’s also a chance that Bucs head coach Bruce Arians could be the recipient of an orange Gatorade shower on Sunday.

Orange has been the Gatorade of choice for five of the last 11 Super Bowl champions, with no repeat winners in the bunch.

The case for Red/Pink

No Super Bowl-winning head coach has been doused with red or pink Gatorade since 2000, but that hasn’t stopped bettors from making Red/Pink the second-choice in this market at +350. The reasoning is obvious, as both teams have red as their primary uniform color.

However, just three Super Bowl champs have doused their head coach in color-coordinated liquid, and twice it was blue Gatorade for the New England Patriots’ Bill Belichick.

The case for Purple

Purple (+600) attracted plenty of attention last year, as many thought the Super Bowl LIV winner would honor the late, great Kobe Bryant by using Laker purple in the Gatorade bath. That was not to be, and now Purple is back to being a longshot.

However, Kobe tributes were front-and-center in sports news all last week, and many players have likely taken notice. Perhaps Purple will come through now as a result.

There is some precedent for Purple in Super Bowl celebrations. Tom Coughlin was drenched in purple Gatorade after winning Super Bowl XLVI with the New York Giants and – perhaps most importantly – Jon Gruden got showered with purple liquid after winning Super Bowl XXXVII with the Bucs.