Super Bowl party games

Profile Picture: Ashley Anderson

January 29th, 2021

One week from Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will square off in Super Bowl LV, the most anticipated football matchup of the year!

While the game should look a bit different, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so too will many people's traditional Super Bowl parties — as socially distant soirées are the recommended type of gathering this year.

That doesn't mean you can't still have fun with friends and family while you soak up the spectacle of Super Bowl Sunday.

Whether you're hosting a small get-together, or a virtual Zoom party, here are some simple, exciting Super Bowl party games to play on game day!

Prop sheet pick ‘em

Many like betting on exotic Super Bowl props, such as the result of the coin toss, the length of the national anthem, the color of the Gatorade shower, or how many times the halftime performer will change their wardrobe.

Playing off this idea, draw up a list of prop questions for your guests to answer and award the person with the most correct guesses a cash prize.

Example questions include, “Will the national anthem go over or under two minutes?” and “How many times will Tom Brady’s wife, Gisele, be shown on TV?”

You can limit the questionnaire to exotic props, or include some in-game props, like “Will either team recover an onside kick?” or “Will Travis Kelce score a touchdown?”

As you can see at the sportsbook, there are a multitude of props to choose from.

Super Bowl MVP draw

You can also wager on Super Bowl MVP, which is the inspiration for our next game.

Before the start of Super Bowl LV, write down the names of the game’s top Super Bowl MVP candidates on individual pieces of paper and place them into a hat or bowl.

Names should include last year’s Super Bowl MVP, Patrick Mahomes, Bucs quarterback and four-time Super Bowl MVP winner Tom Brady, tight end Travis Kelce, wide receiver Tyreek Hill, running back Leonard Fournette, receiver Mike Evans, and linebacker Devin White, to name a few.

Also, be sure to include a slip with "other" as an option, in case none of the top candidates are named MVP. This will ensure one guest is still a winner, should a longshot earn the award.

Have each guest buy in to select a name out of the hat. Once the Super Bowl MVP is announced at the end of the game, whoever drew the correct player receives the pot!

Super Bowl bingo

A great way to keep all of your guests engaged, regardless of their interest in football, is to play a game of bingo! You can print your own pre-set cards, or create a blank template and allow your party attendees to fill it in, based on what they think will occur during the Super Bowl broadcast.

You can make this as generic or specific to the Super Bowl as you like. You could focus your bingo card on the game, with squares like “see a Gronk spike” or “face mask penalty.”

You could also keep the attention on the halftime show or commercials. In this version of Super Bowl bingo, squares would include the names of brands you expect to see advertised during the Super Bowl, like Tide or State Farm.

You could also feature squares like “Clydesdale,” if you think the iconic Budweiser horse will appear on screen, or “surprise performer” if you think the Weeknd will bring out someone special to sing along with him during the halftime show.

Raise the stakes by asking each player to put down a $1 or more to participate in the game, or purchase a small prize to hand out to the winner at the end of the night!