The 10 longest field goals in NFL history

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August 26th, 2021

This article was updated on Sept. 27, 2021.

Everyone loves when a team lines up for a field goal longer than 60 yards, and it may not be too long before we see a 70-yard kick.

But who had the biggest leg up to this point? Let’s take a look at the 10 longest made field goals in NFL history.

10. Brett Maher, 62 yards (2018 and 2019)

Perhaps the only thing harder than kicking a 62-yard field goal once is doing it twice. That's something Brett Maher accomplished in back-to-back years with the Cowboys in 2018 and 2019.

His first 62-yarder occurred against the Philadelphia Eagles on Dec. 9, 2018, and gave the Cowboys a 6-0 lead at the half. His second happened against the New York Jets on Oct. 19, 2019, also just seconds before halftime. Not bad for a former walk-on at the University of Nebraska. 

9. Matt Bryant, 62 yards (2006)

Bryant had a long, successful career, but this kick came early in his NFL tenure. It also hit an extra level, because it was clutch.

The Buccaneers were down, 21-20, to the Philadelphia Eagles with only four seconds left. Bryant had ice in his veins, though, and he nailed this 62-yarder to win the game.

Janikowski nailed a 61-yarder right before the end of the first half for his third field goal before intermission. Unfortunately, those nine points were all the Raiders scored in a 27-9 loss.

8. Graham Gano, 63 yards (2018)

Graham Gano was beloved in Carolina for his ability to hit field goals from just about anywhere on the field. In October of 2018, he got the opportunity to hit one from 63 yards to win the game.

After a couple of plays by Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey got the Panthers around midfield, the Scottish kicker got his chance for a career long in a clutch situation. He nailed it to give Carolina the 33-31 win over the Giants on his fourth field goal of the game.

7. David Akers, 63 yards (2012)

If you thought Feely’s 61-yarder was impressive, how about when Akers tied the record for longest made field goal at the age of 38!

In the 49ers opening game of the 2012 season, Akers nailed this attempt at the end of the first half. It was his third field goal of the half and helped lead his team to a 30-22 victory over the Green Bay Packers.

6. Sebastian Janikowski, 63 yards (2011)

Janikowski tied the record for longest made field goal made at Denver's Mile High Stadium.

It was the second game of the opening Monday Night Football doubleheader, and he nailed this kick right before the end of the first half to give the Raiders a 16-3 lead. Oakland went on to defeat the Broncos, 23-20.

5. Jason Elam, 63 yards (1998)

So many remembers this kick, because it was so rare at the time. It tied a 28-year-old record and was only one of three field goals of 60 yards or more dating back to 1980.

Much like the other 63-yarders, Elam's was at the end of the first half. It gave the Broncos a 27-10 halftime lead over the Jacksonville Jaguars, and they went on to win, 37-24.

4. Brett Maher, 63 yards (2019)

Brett Maher was known for his kicks from distance in the Big D. After already nailing two 62-yarders in his career, the Cowboys kicker lined up for this 63-yarder against the rival Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday Night Football.

Maher drilled it with plenty of room to spare to put Dallas up 27-7 at half on route to a 37-10 victory. If given the opportunity that day, Maher may have been able to top this list.

3. Tom Dempsey, 63 yards (1970)

This kick has some special meaning, for multiple reasons.

It stood as the longest made field goal for 28 years, and was tied for the longest for another 15.

Before Dempsey's big boot, the longest made field goal was 56 yards, so even an attempt from the distance was unheard of. 

New Orleans was down, 17-16, to the Detroit Lions and instead of the usual Hail Mary attempt, the Saints decided to give Dempsey a shot at glory. He nailed the game winner from a record distance and sealed his legacy for the Hall of Fame.

2. Matt Prater, 64 yards (2013)

Prater entered the record books in 2013 with his 64-yarder on a frigid December day in Denver.

The kick came — you guessed it — at the end of the first half. The field goal was part of a 41-7 run the Broncos went on to defeat the Tennessee Titans, 51-28.

1. Justin Tucker, 66 yards (2021)

We end our list with Justin Tucker, one of the greatest kickers of his generation. The four-time All-Pro made history on Sept. 26, 2021 when he booted an epic 66-yard field goal on the road against the Detroit Lions. Not only was it the longest field goal ever recorded, but it also sealed the win for the Baltimore Ravens as time expired.

"That one was more like a kickoff," Tucker told reporters after the game. "It's like you're a competitor in a long-drive contest. You just let it rip and hope it stays straight."

Ironically, Matt Prater had a chance to one-up Tucker later that day to reclaim his record, but his 68-yard attempt against the Jacksonville Jaguars came up short.