Top NFL Draft Proposition Bets

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April 23rd, 2019

Heisman-winning quarterback Kyler Murray is far from a sure thing as the No. 1 overall NFL draft pick on Thursday in Nashville.

While Murray is the favorite to be taken first by the Arizona Cardinals, debate has swirled around Arizona’s draft plan heading into the evening. Are the Cardinals looking to stick with 2018 first-round QB selection Josh Rosen, better off building up their defense with a guy like Quinnen Williams, or will Oakland convince the Cardinals to trade their top pick down to the Raiders? So much can change in the blink of an eye on draft night. Keep up on all the first-round movement with these NFL prop bets, including the No. 1 overall pick, Murray’s franchise destination, number of total QBs selected first round, and many more:

1st Overall Pick

Kyler Murray, QB -700
Nick Bosa, DL +300
Quinnen Williams, DL +600
Dwayne Haskins, QB +3000
Josh Allen, DL +3000
Quarterback is by far the most popular position selected first in the NFL draft, as a QB has been taken with the No. 1 overall pick 35 times in its history. Heisman winner Kyler Murray is the top choice to go first, but the Arizona Cardinals just took a quarterback first round in last year’s draft when they selected Josh Rosen at No. 10. With Kliff Kingsbury now at the helm in Arizona, he may see Murray as a better fit in his offensive system. But it’s possible the Cardinals are simply stirring up hype around the Oklahoma standout in order to increase his value in other teams’ eyes, whip up a trade and select another top player farther down the draft while accumulating an extra pick or two in the process. Should Arizona trade with a team desperate for a QB, Murray will likely still go first. But if Arizona does keep the top pick, Quinnen Williams has become a more common topic of conversation for Arizona than Ohio State's Nick Bosa.

Which Team Will Pick Kyler Murray?

Arizona Cardinals -700
Oakland Raiders +500
New York Giants +800
Miami Dolphins +900
If you buy into the rumor that Oakland will trade up from No. 4 to No. 1, Kyler Murray could end up wearing silver and black, and earning you a much bigger payout with this prop bet. However, some prognosticators believe Oakland could avoid a quarterback entirely in the first round. Should the Raiders trade up to No. 1 and select a defensive star instead, you could see Murray end up the No. 4 pick with Arizona once again, or a brand new addition to the Giants or Dolphins roster. Even if the Cardinals hold strong to the No. 1 overall pick, their focus could be the defensive line. In one LA Times mock draft, reporters predicted Williams would go first, with Dwayne Haskins the first quarterback taken in the draft by Denver at No. 10 and Murray sliding all the way to No. 13 with the Miami Dolphins.

Draft Position of Kyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins

Kyler Murray Under 2.5 (-750); over 2.5 (+450)
Dwayne Haskins Under 10.5 (-150); over 10.5 (+110)
If you’re unsure which team will select Murray but believe he’ll still go top 10, opt for the over/under on his draft position. Likewise, Haskins is favored to go in the top 10 as well. Drew Lock of Missouri is another top QB who could shake up the order in which Haskins is taken, but more than likely the Ohio State slinger is the second overall selection at the position. The Cardinals (No. 1), Raiders (No. 4), Giants (No. 6), Broncos (No. 10) Bengals (No. 11) and Dolphins (No. 13) could each be shopping for a quarterback and may swipe one in the first round, making it a high chance Murray and Haskins will go in the top 10.

Number of QBs Selected in 1st Round

Over: 3.5 (-350) Under 3.5 (+225)
Daniel Jones is the key to this bet. It’s presumed Murray, Haskins and Lock will be taken in the first round. The Duke QB is the wild card in the bunch with a less impressive college resume, but he's still showing up in the first round of several mock drafts. In 2018, a whopping five QBs were selected in the first round, but 2017 and 2016 saw three come off the board, while just two were plucked first round in 2015. Considering the number of teams in need of quarterback help, Jones should end up the fourth QB to hold up a jersey Thursday night.

Name of 1st Defensive Lineman Drafted

Nick Bosa -375
Quinnen Williams +300
Josh Allen +500
Ed Oliver +3000
Nick Bosa is largely considered the most promising prospect in the NFL draft. He's seemingly a lock at No. 2 with the San Francisco 49ers in most of the mock drafts of late. However, Williams has found himself in the discussion for the top pick in Arizona. If you’re in the school of thought that Arizona will draft a quarterback with the first overall pick or trade with Oakland, Nick Bosa to San Francisco is the way to go. But if you think Arizona will keep their pick and go defense, take Williams at +300.

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