[VIDEO] - Scully & Shapiro Discuss Crazy Super Bowl Line Movement

Profile Picture: Scott Shapiro

January 25th, 2019

In what has been a somewhat unprecedented event, the public and the oddsmakers have been bullying the Super Bowl spread since it opened at LAR -1.0. Almost immediately, the line rushed towards the Patriots and has been hovering around NE -3.0 through this week. The total has remained sky-high at 58.0 points. James Scully and Scott Shapiro sat down to discuss the intense Super Bowl line movement at length in order to gauge the market's reaction.

Do the Patriots deserve the backing they've received out of the gate? Check out the video below to find out from James Scully himself:

When the dust settled after two thrilling conference championships, the linemakers essentially made the Super Bowl a pick 'em but faded the Patriots slightly by make the Rams a 1.0-point favorite. The thinking was simple: the Rams present as a much better, overall football team with fewer weaknesses. That proved to counter what the public believed and the Super Bowl line movement has created quite the stir this weekend.

The New England Patriots will clash with the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII, hosted by the Mercedez-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. The game is scheduled for Sunday, February 3rd with a current line of -2.5 favoring the Patriots, who are in their quest for the club's sixth championship. Early action aside, there is still a week to go before the big game goes off, and Super Bowl line movement will continue to be a hot topic as we get closer to the championship matchup. Stay tuned to the sportswire for more betting news on the culmination of a thrilling NFL season.