Weekend Watch: 1958 NFL Championship Game — Colts vs. Giants

Profile Picture: Jeremy Balan

July 17th, 2020

With nearly every major sports league suspended because of the COVID-19 pandemic, fans around the world are yearning for a return to normalcy.

The sports we love will be back, but in the interim, as we wait out the virus that has turned our world upside down, it's important to stay connected to the games we love.

Our Weekend Watch feature touches on the most significant moments in sports history, and luckily for us in this modern age, many of them are viewable online, in their entirety.

1958 NFL Championship Game: Baltimore Colts vs. New York Giants

It was only a matter of time before we made our way to this game. It's called the "Greatest Game Ever Played," after all.

But this game doesn't even look like football as we know it. It is reminiscent, to me, of high school football games I used to cover on Friday nights, but not even the top-level teams. I'm fairly certain top prep programs like Mater Dei, St. Thomas Aquinas, De La Salle, and Allen would call crush Johnny U and company. The fields those high schools play on are also hard to compare to the apparent dirt bucket Yankee Stadium was at the time.

While the speed, size, and talent is nowhere close to modern pros, that doesn't mean there can't be enjoyable drama. There were seven turnovers, a last-second field goal, and the first overtime in NFL playoff history.

And as much as the game has changed — that Unitas deep ball? That's stood the test of time.