Which NFL team will be foolish enough to sign Tom Brady?

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Danny Howard

March 11th, 2020

Six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady may spurn the New England Patriots, the only NFL team he’s ever known. This messy divorce now leaves Brady open for other teams to pursue him, hoping that he can take them to the next level. By doing so, they are also ignoring the warnings that go along with signing him.

The real problem with Brady is that he is an old quarterback who is playing like an old quarterback. His field vision is diminishing, his deep ball is gone, and he often overthrew his targets this past season. You have to wonder how an actively declining Brady will hold up if his new team’s offensive line can’t protect him or his receivers can’t summon miracles.

Brady was exposed without Gronkowski

Without Rob Gronkowski last season and unable to get anything out of Julian Edelman, Brady was a middle-of-the-line signal caller statistically and had the same QBR as turnover machine Jameis Winston and rookie Daniel Jones. Not exactly a good look for a future hall of famer.

Is Brady adaptable?

Teams eyeing Brady must consider if he can actually operate in a new scheme. Over the last 20 seasons, Bill Belichick created an offense solely around Brady, which was key to his success and longevity. Teams that are banking Brady being an instant fix are overlooking the fact that  Belichick constantly tooled with the Patriots to keep Brady viable. We’ve seen plenty of “Budget Brady’s” leave Belichick’s system looking like hidden gems only to disappoint.

There are reasons why we don’t talk about Matt Cassel, Brian Hoyer, or Ryan Mallet. Those players couldn’t cut the mustard, and that could be the same fate Touchdown Tom faces if he bolts for another franchise.

Titans and Chargers have both been tied to Brady

The best team linked to Brady is the Tennessee Titans, a squad with the league’s best running back in Derrick Henry. Acquiring Brady means potentially losing Henry, which is a deal breaker. Brady running that offense without Henry should have fans clamoring for Marcus Mariota to sub in by mid-season.

Two other teams which have been linked to Brady are the Los Angeles Chargers and the Las Vegas Raiders. They both need Brady’s name to sell tickets and merchandise in their new state-of-the-art stadiums. However, the Chargers and the Raiders are nowhere near ready to compete talent-wise.

Don't expect Brady to bolt

One overlooked factor is Brady’s desire to compete. Brady is a winner, and he’s not looking to join a team in the early phases of a rebuild or to sell tickets. Because of that, there is only one destination that serves a mutual benefit for all involved: New England.

The Patriots can still win their weak division and make the playoffs with Brady. It will take less effort to upgrade a supporting cast than acclimate a new QB, and the bad blood between Brady and the front office will subside long before the season starts.

Sometimes, the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. That’s why Brady will be a Patriot next season and will retire in New England.

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