Which NFL teams will make the playoffs?

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Dan Halverson

July 15th, 2019

Twelve teams every year get to play in the NFL playoffs. Eight advance as division winners, while another four get in on the grace of the wildcard.

On the other side there are probably about eight teams each year that we can count out of the playoff picture before the first game even gets played. This means nearly half of the legit playoff contenders will find themselves in the postseason tournament. Let's take a look at five teams to advance to the postseason from a betting perspective.

Los Angeles Chargers (-200)

Last year the Chargers were a tiebreaker away from being the No. 1 seed in the AFC, and they don't appear to have much drop-off going into 2019. Despite laying significant juice, this is a team that should not only have little trouble either winning the AFC West or getting a wildcard, but should also be a Super Bowl contender once again.

Cleveland Browns (-125)

I'm on the bandwagon! Draft picks and free agent signings mean something in this league, and the Browns have finally spent the last couple years doing meaningful and productive work in both areas.

Atlanta Falcons (+130)

I'm always hesitant to play any futures on a team from the competitive NFC South, but the Falcons were victim to some of the worst injury luck in the NFL last season. Assuming better luck this year, they will improve. Their cross-division games are also against the NFC West, which should bode well, given Arizona and San Francisco are both still in that division.

Houston Texans (+145)

Another team that comes from a very tough division, but Deshaun Watson is immensely talented and still underrated. The Texans may have struggled against the Colts in the playoffs, but they were 11-2 to close out the regular season. The Jaguars will have a first-year quarterback and are without the heart of their fierce defense (Telvin Smith), the Titans just don't look like division winners, and that leaves the Texans in what will be a two-horse race.

Seattle Seahawks (+130)

Arguably the greatest home field advantage in the league and four games against the 49ers and Cardinals should help their chances of securing a wildcard and cashing this ticket.

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