5 Prop Bets to Consider, Boston Bruins vs. St. Louis Blues

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D.S. Williamson

May 24th, 2019

The Boston Bruins and St. Louis Blues battle it out in the 2019 Stanley Cup Final. Check out five prop bets to consider in the series. Most prop wagers listed below are from the point of view that St. Louis will win the Stanley Cup. If you like Boston to win the Final, consider the same prop wagers but replace St. Louis with Boston. Download our free NHL Finals Betting Guide here.

Series Winner: St. Louis Blues (+130)

St. Louis heads into the series hot. The Blues won three in a row in the Western Conference Final. They dominated San Jose after the non-call hand pass that led to a Sharks win in Game 3.

Not only that, but St. Louis won games on the road in all three NHL playoff series before the Final. They beat Winnipeg, Dallas, and San Jose on the road.

The Blues are as mentally tough as it gets. Choosing them over Boston might be the prop to wager.

Series Spread Winner: St. Louis Blues +1.5 (-180)

The investment is somewhat high: It takes $180 to make $100 with this prop, but it might be worth it. At +1.5, this prop means the Boston Bruins must beat the St. Louis Blues by two games. If the series goes to seven games, this prop hits. Boston shouldn’t dominate the St. Louis Blues. There is an excellent chance this prop scores.

Series Exact Score: St. Louis Blues to win 4-2 (+475)

What happens if St. Louis beats Boston in six games and you wagered on this prop? You would win $475 in profit for every $100 you invested. There are plenty of other series exact score options, including the Boston Bruins sweeping the Blues at +1100.

Series Exact Score After Game 3: Blues 2-1 (+175)

Just like the series exact score prop, NHL Stanley Cup prop players can decide among plenty of choices for the series exact score after Game 3. One that is very appealing is St. Louis winning two of three against Boston.

Boston to go 2-1 after Game 3 also offers very good odds. Bruins backers get +125 odds on that prop.

When Will Series Finish

What makes this Stanley Cup prop such a deal is that it doesn’t require you to pick the series winner. All you must do is choose how many games the series lasts. Check out odds and specific prop wagers for when the series will finish:

In Exactly 6 Games           +210

In Exactly 7 Games           +210

In Exactly 5 Games           +250

In Exactly 4 Games           +650

If you like Boston or St. Louis to sweep, go with four games at +650. If you believe it goes to seven, back seven games at +210. This is a wonderful prop where every option offers over +200 odds.