NHL Match-Ups to Watch on Saturday

Profile Picture: Johnny Burke

Johnny Burke

October 12th, 2018

Saturday’s loaded slate of NHL action is full of lucrative opportunities on game totals. Many of the day’s match-ups feature high scoring offenses against high scoring offenses and vice versa. The lines are still sitting within a half point of six in either direction, so bank on the low hanging fruit until trends show otherwise.

Las Vegas Golden Knights vs Philadelphia Flyers

Philadelphia has been hurt by a few injuries but they’ve managed to make good work with their offense. The Golden Knights haven’t exactly sported a stand-up defense so far, but still have the ability to get the puck in the net. Six goals feels very manageable for this game.

Pick: OVER 5.5

Vancouver Canucks vs Florida Panthers

This line is just begging me to take the over at 5.5. We have a Panthers team missing a top goalie and a Canucks squad that’s clearing five goals without thinking twice about it. The Panthers look to be the better team all-in-all, but if they’re going to win on Saturday it’s going to be with offense.

Pick: OVER 5.5

Columbus Blue Jackets vs Tampa Bay Lightning

The part of this match-up that makes me nervous is whether or not the Blue Jackets can stay in it early. They are a good team when it comes to making a late push, but if Tampa Bay finds a way to get out of reach early we could see a stalemate later on. Let’s bank on a tight match with some late goals.

Pick: OVER 5.5

Toronto Maple Leafs vs Washington Capitals

It’s very early to depend on trends, but these offenses are red hot right now. Toronto can clear this game total on their own and it wouldn’t shock me in the slightest right now. This should be an exciting and high-flying hockey game. Let’s root for GOALS GOALS GOALS.

Pick: OVER 6.5

Anaheim Ducks vs Dallas Stars

Anaheim has played some tough games to kick off the year, but they’re going to travel and get a tough team on their hands. Instinctively, the money line is safe in this but the profit is in the puck line. Dallas should give Anaheim all they can handle and I like their chances to dominate from the drop.

Pick: Stars -1.5 (+185)

Buffalo Sabres vs Arizona Coyotes

Arizona looks like they’ve been dressing five defensemen at a time all season. They’ve got absolutely no offense right now and Buffalo doesn’t really either. Nothing about this season so far indicates these teams will put up more than three so don’t wait for that trend to change.

Pick: UNDER 5.5