Oh My, Ovechkin: Gr8 One is poised to pass Jagr on all-time goals list

November 21st, 2021

Wayne Gretzky. Jaromir Jagr. Mark Messier. Gordie Howe. Four legendary names from the world of pro hockey. Ask any true fan to name the top players to ever put foot in skate, and those are the names you’ll get 99 times out of 100. In fact, they’re the top four all-time points leaders in NHL history. However, if we further refine the question to the all-time goal-getters in NHL lore, Messier gets bumped off the list. But for whom?

Well, you might be able to puzzle this one out from the title of this article. Go on, take a guess. That’s right! It’s none other than the "Gr8 One" – Washington Capitals perennial goal machine, Alex Ovechkin (his nickname is a play on words using his jersey number in combination with Gretzky’s famous nickname, "The Great One").

NHL Career Goal Leaders

Wayne Gretzky
Gordie Howe
Jaromir Jagr
Alex Ovechkin

Ovechkin is still producing at age 36

Here’s the thing, Ovechkin  is the only one still active and playing his guts out, as always, this season. At 36 years old, the 6'3", 238-pound Russian is an ice-bound tank out there. Every. Damn. Night.

Ovechkin has Jagr in his sights

With just 25 goals before he surpasses Jagr for third all-time, it’s a good bet Ovechkin gets there this season. The Capitals have played 17 games out of the NHL’s 82-schedule this season and Ovi has already potted 12 goals (and added 14 assists). At his current rate, he’s scoring at a 0.71% goals-per-game pace.

Assuming he stays healthy and on-pace, good ol’ Alex can expect to blast through Jagr’s third spot somewhere around game 50 this season. It’ll be a truly GR8 feat if/when it does happen.

Ovie is closing in on The Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy

More astonishingly, at his "advanced" age in the league, if Ovie turns it up a notch or two – which he’s been known to do – he could be in the running for the Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy this season. It goes to the player with the most goals at the end of the regular season.

He trails only Edmonton Oiler’s star center Leon Draisaitl by five goals; and there’s plenty of time left to catch him.

Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy 2021/2022

Sat, April 30 2022, 4:30 AM

Draisaitl, Leon


Ovechkin, Alexander


McDavid, Connor


Matthews, Auston


Connor, Kyle


Kreider, Chris


DeBrincat, Alex


Marchand, Brad


Pastrnak, David


Rantanen, Mikko


Right now, Ovechkin is sitting at +350 to capture the Richard Trophy by the end of the 2021-22 season. Those are decent odds for a guy who has proven his worth time and again since coming into the league. Ovie is on a mission to first surpass Jagr’s total this year, then eventually hunt down and shatter Gretzky’s all-time mark, and I wouldn’t bet against him.

Take the odds on this one, and enjoy the greatness of Alexander while you still can.