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Hot & Cold Slots: Ozzy Osbourne is making noise

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TwinSpires Staff

March 12th, 2020

The folk with a clipboard full of numbers tell us there are a couple of slot games that are spilling out cash for our lucky customers right now.

All aboard the Crazy Train!

As a heavy-rock star, Ozzy Osbourne was used to making lots of noise. Now his new video slot game is making itself heard by paying out a small fortune to one of our players.

One New Jersey resident won a massive $66,785 on the new Ozzy Osbourne Video Slot with a stake of just $20. You could say the Prince of Darkness has undoubtedly been shining bright in our casino.

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The Ozzy-themed slot has been a hit with players since joining the ranks of slot games at our BetAmerica Casino. Packed with features, it has cool animations and music from the man himself.

From Black Sabbath to high-paying slot

The NetEnt Ozzy Osbourne Video Slots is jam-packed with rich graphical features with heart-pumping sound effects and music.

There is no shortage of features in the game, including scatter symbols and re-spins. Each time a random symbol is designated a Symbol Charge Up, and a random modifier is applied to that symbol. It might be a coin win, wild symbols, multipliers, or upgrades to the next valuable symbol.

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With a lucky combination, your winnings could be substantial. And if you apply the Bonus Bet feature before each spin, you have to pay more, but your chances of landing the features increase. That’s what our player did when he won his stunning $66,765. Let’s just say he’s now a massive Ozzy fan.

While bats appear in the slot, no bats were harmed in its production. Unlike the poor beastie whose head was famously bitten off on stage by Ozzy back in 1982.

What else is hot at BetAmerica right now?

The results are in, and these are the games that are currently running hot, with big wins galore:

So, if you want to catch the wave of generosity, give one of these three games a try.

What’s not hot?

Just as what goes up must come down, when some slot games are paying out, others are being mighty mean.

Our stats show three slot games, in particular, are due a big win because they’ve been low-paying in recent weeks. They’ve got to start paying out soon, so why not give them a go and catch the action before anyone else? The slots to find are:

Incidentally, at the time of writing, the Wheel of Fortune on Air megajackpot stands at an incredible $771,000, and it’s still rising. When it finally hits, someone’s going to have one mighty party!

Lots and lots of slots

If you haven’t already done so, visit BetAmerica and give our vast selection of slot games a try. Like our player on Ozzy Osbourne Video Slots, you could find yourself being rewarded handsomely.

Be sure to check out our first deposit bonus to help make your money go further.

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