Exclusive Promotions;

Triple Wager Rewards Promotion

If you received an email on 6/9/2016 about Triple Wager Rewards Points, this offer is available exclusively to the username mentioned in the email and cannot be transferred.

Triple Wager Rewards will be applied to all wagers placed from 6/9/2016 to 6/12/2016 inclusive, with the final bets eligible for this offer needing to be placed before 3am ET on Tuesday 6/13/2016.

Maximum Wager Rewards for any single account is 10,000.

Wager rewards points will be earned in the normal way as your bets are settled on races, and then on Tuesday 6/13/2016 you will receive a manual adjustment to your points which will be equal to 200% of the wager rewards points you have been awarded automatically.