Race Preview Bluffs Run: Secretarys Choice Semi Finals - Wednesday September 18th

Eb Netr

September 17th, 2013

We've reached the semi finals in the Secretary's Choice in Races 4, 5 and 6 on today's program. Tops in points is DK's Flow Meter in the 5th with 45 points. Second for points in a tie are SH Avatar in Race 6 and Boc's Sluicey in Race 4.

The Boeckenstedt Kennel has done well for itself in this series with 6 entries in the semi finals. They're tied with Keeper Kennel who also have 6 entries on today's card. Hardison Kennel has 4. Plum Creek, McKim and Bartley have 2. Bean and Stout Kennel has 1.

Race 4 has two standouts in this series, Boc's Sluicey and Boc's Happy Phil. Both are coming off wins in their last race. Boc's Sluicey won over SH Avatar, one of the best dog's at the track in his last and has 33 points in the standings. Gable Esme was 3rd in that race and has a very good time with a win two races back in the series. Classy Lad in the 1 box with 34 points in the standings is where he wants to be and may find a piece of the purse money here also.

Race 5 has the points leader, DK's Flow Meter, stakes champion, in the 1 box. This race has both the leader and the dog that's tied for last in the point standings, Boc's Derocker, but be warned. Boc's Derocker has had mostly inside posts and doesn't shine in them. He's on the outside now, so he may show more than he has in his other races in this series. He'll have to really outshine his usual performance though to hit the board in this company.

Top Of The Pile in the 5 box will be trying to carve out a piece of midtrack for himself and - if he doesn't go wide - could give Flow Meter a run for his money. Proven History in the 8 box can't be counted out with those fast times in her recent history and wins with good margins.

Race 6 is tough to handicap. SH Avatar, in the 8 box, is certainly a contender with 27 wins out of 44 races. If he gets the break and takes the lead, he'll be hard to catch. Trying to do that will be Gable Zeus and Boc's Steelforce, both closers. L's Wellborn, though not classy, has the helpful 1 box and KL's Bubba will be relentless from the 5 box.

As always, safe trips and good racing luck to all the greyhounds on today's program. Don't forget to watch and wager on Bet America where greyhound programs are free and bonus tracks pay rewards.