Race Preview - Orange Park Eve - Battle of the Sexes Qualifier - Monday July 22nd

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Eb Netr

July 22nd, 2013

In Race 7 on Monday night's program, the 8 top female greyhounds at Orange Park will try to qualify for the finals on Saturday, July 27th. In Race 9, the males will do the same and the four qualifiers from each race will face each other in the Battle of the Sexes. Considering the quality of the entrants, this could be one heck of a contest, folks!

Race 7 has 2-Warped, one of the most dependable Grade A winners at Orange Park, fresh off two wins in A, both won going away in her usual fashion, midtrack. If she's still in midseason form, this may be another case of the rest of the pack being "time warped" behind her.

1-WW's Musician is on the inside, where she can run, although she's versatile enough to run midtrack if she has to. Second in her last two races and able to stay in Grade A for her last 6, she has 25 out of 49 for the exacta, so leave her out of your exotics at your peril.

7-MRL Kaboom has taken to Orange Park since her move from Tri State, where she was a solid AA dog. She has some sub-thirty one times there and is known for pressing on, in spite of traffic or hard knocks from other dogs. She can break or close as the situation calls for and that's the mark of a true contender.

8-Decadent seems to be in a bit of a slump with two races where she just never got going. But if you'll look back through her races at OP, she won by nine and a half lengths from the 8 box in Grade B and then posted a win from the 1 box in her very next race in Grade A. She has the second fastest time at OP in the last 30 days.

An interesting fact about her is that she did little when she started at Southland, and very little at Naples-Fort Myers where she had 1 place and no wins out of 10 races last year. But then she went to Orange Park and, suddenly, the light went on and she realized what greyhounds are supposed to do - win.

5-GS Jersey is a force to be reckoned with, as long as she gets around the first turn without being bumped. She did it from the 4 box and the 8 box with some good times, but she's in midtrack here and there may be traffic problems. She does have the speed and seems to be in good form and that helps.

3-Ty Kay Willing ran a very gritty race last time out. She was being chased by most of the pack and I thought she'd fade, but somehow she found another gear and hung in there for second. And she was still closing. If it had been a route race, she would have won. She's another dog that has turn troubles, sometimes, but when she doesn't, she's in there, closing in the stretch.

4-Mac's Digitaldog really, really wants the inside and sometimes forfeits the win by insisting on getting the rail. She's well able to run midtrack, but just doesn't want to be there. Another closer, I'm not sure that her speed is up to the test this race will pose unless she has very good racing luck.

6-Amazing Run is up against tough company in this, compared to the company she's been running with in Grade B. She did impress me in her second race back, when she got a good bump and shook it off and won by 4 lengths from the 2 box. She's in the 6 box here, not a box known for helping its occupant, so I can't endorse her too heartily.

In the 11th race Male Qualifier, there are some big guns. We have one greyhound switching from routes to sprints - 7-Pinball Wizard. He has that huge late rush that his daddy, Fuzzy's Cannon used to have, but he does tend to get into trouble going wide on turns. Perhaps he's better suited to longer races where he has room to maneuver and set up for his closing drive.

1-Bruno Mars just ran third to 2-Rotation and,in the race before that, he beat WW's Chick A Dee and GS Jock . He doesn't give up and will try to move right to midtrack as soon as he can. If you'll notice, he's been mostly in outside boxes lately, so maybe the rail box will help him this time.

2-Rotation was very impressive when he took the inside right out of the box and won by more than 6 lengths, still going away. And look at his time in that race and his best time at the track - 30:55. He will insist on the inside though and has been known to get tangled up on the first turn.

6-GS Jock has had a lot of races this year and has had trouble in many of them. He's not a big breaker and seems to find trouble when he tries to close late in the race. In his defense, he will change his game plan and move to another part of the track when he encounters traffic, but by then it's often too late to maintain his momentum.

4-J'S Moonshine wants the rail and if he can get it, will stay there right to the finish line. If he doesn't get it, he struggles. Maybe he's one of those dogs that has to keep the lure in sight or he loses his fire. I don't know, but I'm not sure he'll get the rail today with the number of dogs that want it and can break faster than he can. We'll see.

5-My Present is solid Grade A all the way. This dog is definitely one to consider for exotics with 24 out of 48 for the quiniela and 32 out of 48 races for the trifecta. Mind you, he wants the rail too, so he'll have to be pretty fast to beat the box and get the shortest route to a win. He's done it many times before, so if he's on his A game, he may be a bit of a sleeper here if the odds are right.

8-Easi Butterball is another dog that you have to put in your exotics, because he's in the trifecta over half the time. He just doesn't give up, no matter what happens to him. He's one of those dogs that stays close to the leaders, so if something happens that gives him an advantage, he's able to take it. That's a good way to get a piece of the purse, even if you don't get the win.

3-Atascocita Hoot is one of Rhythmless's puppies from 2010 and he's made his daddy proud. He has 19 wins out of 57 races and 31 out of 57 for the quiniela. Like Rhythmless, he runs midtrack and gets out fast. His times are fast enough to prevail in Grade A and I'm a bit puzzled by his long morning line odds in this race. Maybe the morning line maker just feels as if the quality of the other dogs is such that Atascocita Hoot is outmatched. I'm not counting him out.

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Good racing luck and safe trips to all the greyhounds on tonight's program.