Race Preview: Orange Park Friday Evening June 14, 2013 Race 10 First Half Twin Tri

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Eb Netr

June 13th, 2013

Orange Park has presented a challenge for handicappers looking to score the first half of the twin tri on Friday night. We have Whittington on the rail, which at first glance looks like a good place for him, because he runs the rail. But on further inspection of his lines, it looks like he'd rather take the rail with a break from the outside.

To his right, WW's Dust Me Off seems ready to outbreak Whittington and has done very well from the 2 box with 3 wins from that post. While her average speed in Grade A isn't quite as fast as Whittington's, her best all-time speed is better.

Mega Bacilo keeps knocking on the door in A, with a rushing close that got her over the wire first in B, but hasn't worked in A yet. If you look at her last two calls, it's easy to see that she could be dangerous with a clear field in the stretch.

Sabil Par Hick, like his sire, Dodgem By Design is a solid Grade A dog, even if there are no wins showing on this race card. He's in the trifecta almost half the time and no slouch in exactas and supers either. Leaving him out of exotics might be a mistake whenever he runs in A.

TY Kay Willing is back in the 5 box where she won in B, going away. She is a versatile runner and has hit the board from inside, outside and midtrack. Look for her to take advantage of any missteps on the part of the leaders in this race. Outclassed, maybe, but flexible and able to recover from setbacks and stay in the race.

GS Tex isn't known for his breaking ability. If he was a little faster out of the box, he'd be even more of a threat than he is with his hesitation then acceleration pattern. On the other hand, he was a serious contender in the recent stakes and always gives it his best effort. If class counts, he's in the running here.

Braska Nymph is another closer who can win when there's a clear field, but misses when caught in traffic. She's also a solid Grade A dog and can't be ignored for exotics even in the less than ideal 7 box.

MRL Kiss Me Baby has had some very bad racing luck lately. When she wasn't stumbling, she was cutoff, knocked around and blocked. She may need a few more races in B before she can make the grade in A. But if she ever gets free from the pack, she may surprise everyone with a win from the outside, where she's done her best running.

With so many closers in this race, it's hard to ignore the early speed of WW's Dust Me Off, Whittington and TY Kay Willing. However, expect a closer or two to challenge them in the stretch and maybe even steal the win. You'll need your best handicapping skills if you want an exchange ticket on this Twin Trifecta.