Race Preview Palm Beach: Gallagher Kinnaird Puppy Stakes 2nd round Saturday Afternoon, August 17th

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Eb Netr

August 17th, 2013

All 48 entrants from the first round will be competing in the 2nd round this afternoon, with the top 32 going on to the third round on Wednesday, August 21st. From there, it's the top 16 moving on to the semifinals on Monday, August 26th.

8 greyhounds will vie for the championship on Labor Day, Monday September 2nd.

The action starts in Race 6 with two greyhounds who really impressed me in the first round. 1-TF Ashley managed to place after a hard bump at the start when she collided in a really fast race. This daughter of Rhythmless does NOT give up and has posted some very fast times in her climb up the grade ladder. With 5 out of 6 for the quiniela, she's a force to be reckoned with.

The other dog in the 6th that caught my eye in the first round is 6-Yahoo Diablo. He posted sub-thirty second times in 5 out of 6 of his last races and just doesn't quit, even when he's not within striking distance and has to settle for place, a trait I like in a dog.

In the 8th race, 8-Vagrant looks tough in the 8 box. Kind of an 8 thing going on there. If she breaks and gets the rail, she could have it all. 1-Hilco Score doesn't look classy but has shown that he can hold his own with classier dogs and may be a sleeper in this race. 5-Ethereal Destiny might get a piece of the exotics in this one.

In Race 10, 2-Superior Boogie has 7 out of 9 for the quiniela, so leave him out of exotics at your own risk. 8-Cash Seeker ran a good race last time out and has done well from outside boxes, so merits a nod.

Race 12 has 8-CRT Xadrian with a 10 and a half length win from the 8 box two races back. If she can run back to that effort, she'll have no problem winning this one, but she's not the most consistent dog in the pack. 6-Budz Fire Storm is more consistent and posts a better win and quiniela percentage, so I'd back him for exotics. Ditto for 4-Superior Thunder with 6 out of 9 for the quiniela and decent finish times.

Race 14 has 2-Ethereal Elation one of the Dragon Fire-Lady of the Sea litter that has done very well. She won by 15 lengths in her qualifier and with a 29.75 in spite of a pretty hard bump at the break. She just shook it off and charged up the track as if it had given her an extra boost instead of a setback. Very tough little female who won't let the big boys - or girls - push her around. 4-Superior Dune, another little female out of Dragon Fire, won her qualifier also and did it going away. This race might be a battle of the feisty females if these two are loose on the lead in the stretch.

Race 15 has 5-Rob Gronkowski, the focus of attention in the qualifier and a huge favorite in that race. He didn't disappoint and posted an 8 length victory with a 29.69. This guy can come in from anywhere and will run inside, outside and over the backs of dogs in his way if he has to, to cross the finish line first. Expect him to be a prohibitive favorite with 1-Relativity as the probable second favorite on the odds board. I don't see any value to be had in this race, unless a longshot comes in with either of the two top picks, but there are 6 other dogs in this race and they may have ideas of their own about who's going to get there first. If I had to pick a longshot in this race, for win and exotics, I'd put a little bit on 7-Kiowa Raphael and also throw him into exotics with the 1 and 5.

Safe trips to all the greyhounds on today's program. Don't forget to watch and wager on the puppy stakes on Bet America, where greyhound programs are free and bonus tracks reward you with no wait.