Race Preview: Palm Beach - Gallagher Kinnaird Puppy Stakes Semi Final - Monday August 26, 2013

Eb Netr

August 26th, 2013

The semi final of this series takes place in races 12 and 14. The final will be on Monday, Labor Day, August 2nd.

In Race 12 all eyes will be on 7-Ethereal Elation, the only greyhound with a perfect win record in this stakes. If you watched this puppy in her three stakes races, you'll know that the amazing thing about her wins is that two of them came in spite of adversity.

Two races back, she was blocked on the first turn and it looked like she wouldn't be able to come back, but she did. In the race before that, she got bumped on the break, but shook it off as if it was a love tap and won by 15 lengths! And this from a 57 pound female.

But if you'll look at some of Dragon Fire's other female offspring, like the ones in the KB Pullover litter that's running at Palm Beach, Orange Park and Wheeling, for instance, you'll see that they don't let a bump stop them or even slow them down very much. What they lack in size they make up for with spirit and feistiness.

2-Relativity ran a very good race from the 6 box last time out and only lost by a length. A consistent Grade A runner with two sub-30 second times in this series, he has to be taken seriously, although the inside posts are not where he does his best. On the other hand, his breaking ability may make up for that.

1-HKF Scrappy had a sub-thirty second time too, two races back and won going away in spite of a collision on the break. He has a tendency to get into trouble in most of his races, which has been costly for him. With Relativity breaking to the lead beside him, it remains to be seen whether he'll be able to stay close enough to get around the first turn without trouble.

3-Superior Dune is another small Dragon Fire female with attitude. She has two sub-thirty second finish times and two wins out of three qualifiers. She has the moxie to get bumped and still come in, but does her best from outside posts where she can close with a rush. Definitely an exotics play, especially for the super.

Those are the main contenders, as I see it. 5-Cash Seeker could be a longshot play for exotics, as could 8-TF Ashley.

7-Rob Gronkowski, in Race 14, will undoubtedly be a very low-priced favorite, with good reason. With 7 wins out of 10 races, what's not to like about this Switzler Jammin-Chatty Cathy grandson of top sire Gable Dodge? He's had four 29 and change finishes, and 3 out of his last 4 wins were by over 7 lengths.

1-Vagrant looks like his closest competition if she can get the lead on the rail from 2-Daphne Zuniga, who also will be looking to hug the inside.

Those three look like the top contenders, but I wouldn't count out 4-CRT Xadrian or 3-Hilco Score if circumstances set up for them and one of the top dogs makes a mistake or misses a cue.

Safe trips and good racing luck to all the greyhounds on today's program. Don't forget to watch and wager on Bet America where greyhound programs are free and bonus tracks pay rewards.