Race Preview: Wheeling Downs, George Kellas Memorial Sprint Semi Final Round Friday June 28th

Eb Netr

June 27th, 2013

The semi finals are in the 8th, 10th and 12th races on Friday night's program. Here's a preview of the 12th race.

Flying Lone Wolf is working on her 4th straight win since acing a schooling race after a layoff. She's had 2 wins in this series and is one of only two dogs that have won both of their first rounds. She's a mid-track runner and likes the mid-track boxes, so I see no reason why she shouldn't win this race.

Of course, this IS dog racing where a tenth of a second's misstep can make the difference between winning and losing, so 7 other dogs will be running with her and hoping to pass her if they get a chance.

SE High Octane won by closing from second on the far turn in the third round and could do it again if he gets the right position and some running room. He's the type of dog that presses the leaders and waits for a chance to close on them and always has energy at the end of the race, which makes him dangerous for leaders who flag just a little in the stretch. If he can see the lure and the front-runners, he's a threat.

RC Outlaw has been 2nd in both rounds, closing a little late to catch the leaders. I never count out dogs sired by Oya Tom Terrific, because many of them are gritty hard closers. Notice the sub thirty second times and low odds in his lines. And also notice that he can run mid-track or inside, depending on where there's room to run. I doubt that the odds will be anywhere near the Morning Line odds and will definitely use him in exotics.

Cry Poseidon is a puzzle with no races between January and June of this year. I can only assume that an injury sidelined him and wonder if he'll round back into form with another race or two. Until I see improvement, I can't recommend him, but I hope that we see his old form soon.

WW's Creamery is another mid-track runner and will probably move to that part of the track right away. Whether, with all the mid-track runners, there will be room or not is the question. There could be a traffic jam as they all vie for their favorite position.

If that happens, don't be surprised to see Jumper Jack make a beeline for the inside from the 7 box. He's done it before from the 6 position. Although he tends to fade in the stretch, in that race, he held tough and won by half a length and it was in AA.

Bob's Cassie looks like she'd be more of a threat from an inside box, although she does have early speed. If she breaks to the inside in this race, she'll have the rail to herself, which could spur her on to do better than she has. She did win her first race in this series from the 2 box.

CTW Ford Deluxe consistently hits the board and is in the quiniela almost half the time. He's a solid AA runner who needs room to close and the right race setup to win. I'm not sure that this race has the makeup for him to do that. He'll have to break faster and get into better position than he did in his last 3 races to get a piece of the exotics.

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