12 Races of Christmas Recap

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Kelly Clark

December 16th, 2016

What a great evening we had on Saturday December 10 at bestbet Jacksonville. Not only did the local crowd like the great 12 races of Christmas Promotion that was going on, but they also loved the stakes racing action that was taking place. Wagering was up both locally and around the country as we handled just shy of $300,000 on the night and featured some fun and unique races for everyone to watch, wager, and win on. During the 12 stakes races, we had a race over every distance at the racetrack. That’s right, 330, 550, 660, 770, and even a 990 race that handled almost $33,000. Included in those events were stakes finals over 550, 660, and 770 yards, which were exciting and chalkish. Below we will look at those final round races, and then we will recap the winner of every stakes race on the card.
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The first stakes final came over 550 yards in the 9 race on the car, and even if you were a first-time customer, you would have gotten this race right. Rusty came around the turn, the box opened and the race was over. All-American Seldom Told broke right behind Pullanallnighter and by the finish line the first time around, he was already in the lead. He was clear by 2 lengths at the first turn and from that point on, it just got uglier. Each and every step he took he drew away and was in complete control by the far turn. Turning for home was 5 lengths gone and breezed to the wire for the quickest trip of the day 30.25 seconds, on a slow racetrack. This was his 7 win in a row and his 2 stakes title over two different distances. (He also won the Orange Park Derby over 660) What made this race better though was that the second-best greyhound at the racetrack decided he wanted to run too. Breaking slowly, Charlie Bale loped to the turn and was still out of it as he turned up the backside. There he decided that he was not going to just sit around and wait for something to happen. He put his head down and gave a huge backstretch run that saw him move all the way up to 2 at the far turn. Closing as hard as he can, he couldn’t make up ground on the leader, but still a strong effort from last to be next best in this one. Completing the trifecta was the closing Real Good Feelin in 3, and Boc’s Andross ran a steady in the money trip in the superfecta. Finishing off the race was the early leader Pullanallnighter in 5, Ln Sugar in 6, Lee Raven in 7, and Gs Humongous in 8.
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The second stakes final was over 660 yards and took place in the 11 race on the card. This was the only one that didn’t run quite according to plan. Once again rusty flew by the starting box, and once again this race was over in an instant. Hitting the lid and taking instant command was Easi Ted. Clearing on the front end, he was out and gone early on and was 2.5 lengths clear of the rest at the finish line the first time around. Stretching away from the field as he progressed toward the finish line, his margin increased to 4 full lengths at the far turn and it was 5 by the time he hit the wire. Crossing in a speed time of 37.36 seconds, he returned well for his backers at almost 5-1 odds. Chasing the leader for most this effort was Pat C Dashboard. Up close early, Dashboard was in the mix, but as the race went on he fell further and further behind. Late he had to dig in deep as the closers were coming and make it very interesting for place at the wire. Finishing a length ahead of the rest, second was his at the finish line. Omega Point was also in the mix chasing in third from start to finish, but stakes veteran Kk Whitezin came with a rush and at the wire, even a photo couldn’t separate them at the wire. It was a Dead Heat for show in the photo. Finishing off the race was Flying Gigawatt in 5, Lk’s Centuria in 6, Hustle It Upgirl in 7, and Kiss This in last.
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The final stakes final on the card came in the 13 race and once again it was the favorite that shined brightest. Once again, the lure rumbled by the box, and it was another strong break by a greyhound, but this time around, the race was not over from the start. Atascocita Warm came to run and stole away the lead on the rest of the field. That would normally be a good sign, but who cleared behind her is what put a scare into her. Early threat C Ville Hope could press the pace and make her work, but track record holder, and closer, Herstal was 3 and that was going to prove to be a problem for her later. Continuing the good work, she stole away 2.5 lengths on the field the first time past the finish line, and looked strong on the front end. Through the turn and down the backside she went and even though she was being chased, she held strong on the front and was not going to go down without a fight. By the far turn, the closers had started to make their run, but she was still in charge and held a one length margin over the rest of the field. That was the good news, the bad news was that Herstal had made up ground throughout and was the greyhound that was right behind her turning for home. Down the stretch, it was a two-way race for the wire, and on this occasion, like most, Herstal was going to come out on top. The track record holder shifted gears late and sprinted by to finish 2 lengths free of the early leader at the wire. Atascocita Warm ran a strong effort, but had to settle for place at the wire. Big time closer Lee Sally also rallied late and ran down the early threat C Ville Hope for show. Completing the race was Darx Ida Da Moon in 5, Tomco Digger in 6, past C Da Ta in 7, and Mr Tito finished last.

Here is a complete run down of the stakes events on the card and the winners.
  • Race 2 – 330 Super Sprint Stakes – Craigie Testiify wins – New Track Record of 18.20 seconds
  • Race 3 – 550 Sprint Consolation Stakes – Ww’s Sammy wins
  • Race 4 – 990 Super Marathon Stakes – Se’s Draft Pick wins – New Track Record 59.05 seconds
  • Race 5 – 660 Distance Consolation Stakes – KC’s Shelly wins
  • Race 6 – 550 Female Senior Stakes – Ww Who Am I wins
  • Race 7 – 770 Marathon Consolation Stakes – Ww’s Aunt Em wins
  • Race 8 – 550 Female Maiden Stakes – Flying Riverwood wins
  • Race 9 – 550 Sprint Stakes Final – Seldom Told wins
  • Race 10 – 550 Male Senior Stakes – Beachin wins
  • Race 11 – 660 Distance Stakes Final – Easi Ted wins
  • Race 12 – 550 Male Maiden Stakes – Js Armdndangerus wins
  • Race 13 – 770 Marathon Stakes Final – Herstal wins