12 Stakes Over All Distances Saturday

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Kelly Clark

December 9th, 2016

What a huge card we have for you this Saturday evening at bestbet Jacksonville. In conjunction with our 12 Races of Christmas Promotion, we are 12 stakes races on the card, along with a grade B sprint, and 2 grade A sprint races for a fantastic 15 race card. On this evening, we will feature races over all distances for the first time here at bestbet Jacksonville. We have stakes finals over 550, 660 and 770 yards, stakes consolation races over 550, 660, and 770 yards, a senior race for boy and for girls, a maiden of the meet race for boys and for girls, a 330-yard super sprint, and a 990-super marathon.

That’s not all to get excited about, we also are giving away thousands of dollars in cash and prizes with drawings after races 2-13, along with our every popular 2nd chance drawings, where you can turn your losing Orange Park tickets into a $20 voucher. All in time for the Christmas Holiday Season.

So, let’s take a look at each race on the card and see if we can get you some extra green to do your Holiday Shopping.

Saturday Evening December 10th, 2016 – 12 Races of Christmas Evening

Race 1 – (550 Grade A) – This should be a good early speed battle between Amigos Salsa and M’s Free Flare. Both greyhounds are blazing out of the starting box, and both can be short late, but somehow one of them will hold on to win. Salsa gets the slight edge because of the post. Others to worry about include the solid a stalker Gs Viola, and the hard closing well posted threat, Foolish Chester. (4-7-6-2)

Race 2 – (330 Super Sprint) – Normally we don’t run 330 yard races, but for this special performance we threw one into the mix. Here it’s all about the early speed and who can get to the front on top. Gs Mad Mudder is my pick! This greyhound is posted well and has seen in early lead in 5 of 6 races. He will not be alone though as Chubby Angel, Cj’s Casper, and Ww Fight The Law, all have similar breaking and rushing stats in their line. This one will be a battle throughout for control and it might come down to a photo to separate them at the finish. (3-8-6-5)

Race 3 – (550 Sprint Consolation) – These might be the also rans from round 1, but you can’t tell that by looking at their lines. Flying Rose might have missed last time out, but has 4 grade A wins showing in her lines. With all that early speed, she will be tough to beat here tonight. She’ll have to work to get it done though as multi-stakes finalist Ww’s Sammy will be contending for sure. Solid grade A Kanes Mini is always tough from the rail, and former Jacksonville Sprint Stakes winner Cj’s Colin might find his break and show off that championship form if the mood suits him here. (4-5-1-8)

Race 4 – (990 Super Marathon) – Another race you don’t see anymore, and without lines, this bad boy is wide, wide open. Sure, there are some marathoners here, but others could show up and run even without previous long distance starts. You must pick someone, so I like Se’s Draft Pick. Always a closer over 770 and gets a great 1 box to boot. I think he just keeps on running and wins. Kk Robroy is an interesting entry. Just a maiden, but doesn’t even start running until the race is over, if he keeps accelerating, he might just take them all down before the wire. Solid grade A Sheezsohot is the class of the field, has gone 660 before, but can she go this far. I think she leads at some point, but surrenders late, and last but not least on our selection list is Bikini Kristi. A strong closer over 660, she might be able to keep coming and find the final spot in the superfecta at the finish. (1-7-6-5)

Race 5 – (660 Distance Consolation) – Gs Hal might have missed his break and found trouble in the qualifying race, but tonight he will make amends. Breaking from a better 2 box, he easily sees the lead and coasts around for the easy victory. Pushing the pace early will be So Typical, but like more of her efforts, she will be short at the wire and probably finish in the back half of the trifecta. Second could come from the closer Kk Scotchwhiskey. Trouble early took him out of the running early in the 1st round, and with a better post position tonight, I expect a rebound effort. Don’t sleep on Bf Par Kinsman either. I think the last few starts have been rough, but if he gets loose in this effort, he has the ability to beat them all tonight. (2-8-6-3)

Race 6 – (550 Female Senior Stakes) – Some good candidates for this race, but only one that truly rings well in my heart this Christmas season, C Ville Wynter. Bring on the blizzard says the oldest girl in this field. She has won more races here and any other greyhound in this race, and she has done it against grade A and stakes competition. Hot off a win, she repeats from a good post. Most likely she will need to run down Need A Hug to get it done. Hug is an all-out early speed machine that can steal a ton on the field, she gets short as she gets to the wire. Expect more of the same here. Keep an eye out for former grade A and a recent winner, Ww Unruly Pearl, and the steady chasing threat Heart N Soul. (3-7-5-8)

Race 7 – (770 Marathon Consolation) – Forget the lines and go with your gut. LOL! C Ville C Alice has won grade A 770 yards’ races in the past and should be a good playback in this race. She really tried to rush and run in qualifying and was shuffled from 3rd early on to 8th in the early turn. She failed to rally from so far back, but tonight will be a different story. No bit early speeders over 770 here, she clears and class takes over. Speaking of class, Fiesta Bonker is the other class greyhound in this field over 770. With an ideal post, he gets around cleanly and factors for the win at the wire. Keep an eye out for the other grade A Gs Carina. Even effort in first time over the route, with a better break she could threaten, and Erik The Great gets a look as well. DQ always has distance greyhounds, and if he gets around close early on as well, he too could factor in the mix at the finish. (5-8-4-7)

Race 8 – (550 Female Maiden of the Meet) – Here the best puppies of the female variety take aim at continuing their climb up the grading ladder here at bestbet Jacksonville. Forget the last race and look at the last time Flying Riverwood had the one box. Clearly a monster trip and tonight, you should see the repeat of that 8-length win. Pressing the early lead will be the upstart Atascocita First, but late both better keep an eye out for the closing threat Bl Zavala and the almost always in the money runner that is Lily B Awesome. (1-6-7-3)

Race 9 – (550 Sprint Finals) – No doubt this is the best match-up on the card. The 6 races in a row winner, including the Orange Park Derby finals, Seldom Told vs. the always closing huge other track record threat at the racetrack, oh and he is also the win leader on the year, Charlie Bale. Both greyhounds are as fast as they want to be and if they both come to run, this could turn into an instant classic. Advantage to Seldom Told though as he always breaks better than Charlie and will make him work hard if he wants to catch the All-American before the wire. The best of the rest crown goes to the other DQ entry, Real Good Feelin, who is no slouch herself and could beat both of these two if they sit in the box and she decides to break. Sleeper, and former puppy stakes champ, Pullanallnighter gets her best box and is known to break on occasion too. She could be a front running threat tonight as well in this effort. (5-7-4-1)

Race 10 – (550 Male Senior Stakes) – Just like the female version of this race, one name stands out here as well. Atascocita Pirro has been a top-class competitor for a mighty long time here at bestbet Jacksonville, and even though he is long in the tooth, he still can shine on occasion. Posted well on the inside part of the racetrack, I see no lead behind safe in this race as he does whatever he needs to do to win. Clearly, he will be concerned with kennelmate Beachin from the rail. This closer can come home well and might be the best shot to take down Pirro in this effort. If he decides to break, he too could come home a winner tonight. Ww Lucky Closer is the other grade A in the field that has a shot at winning. Normally and even chaser, Clover will have to break better from the 5 box if he wants a shot at the win, and don’t sleep on Starz William. This recent ship in won his last race by 10 full lengths. Out and gone early on again? It could happen… (2-1-5-4)

Race 11 – (660 Distance Finals) – Should be a barn burner, and if it runs like it is supposed to, then everyone should get a price of the pie tonight. Clearly there are 4 stick out greyhounds in this race, but they must show up and run if they want a chance to win and an in the money finish. Other here are talented but I think the class still rises to the top tonight. Lk’s Centuria has been really running well over the last 5 starts, which includes a pair of strong wins over 660 yards and 4 distance quinieals. Clearly breaking is the key to her success, and if she steals a big lead tonight, they might not catch her before the wire. Trying to run her down will be the point leader, and 4th place finisher, in the 2016 Orange Park Derby. Kk Whitezin loves the inside, is hot off back to back wins, and could get the hat trick here. Her late speed is a great gift and should could finally get that elusive stakes win. Others to worry about including the always threatening duo of Pat C Dashboard, Kiss This, both were caught late in the qualifier by Whitezin. (8-2-3-5)

Race 12 – (550 Male Maiden of the Meet) – Another race of upstarts here with the males getting their turn at moving up the ranks. A ton of early speed here and taken to burn too, so this one will be contested from the moment the box opens. Pat C Randolph looks like the one to beat here. With back to back wins, 6 straight in the quiniela, and the only grade A credentials in the race, he gets the edge over the rest. Pressing will be Js Armdndangerus. Another back to back winner with impressive times, but has the to move up against the higher-class greyhounds. Still a threat to win, breaking is the key to his success. Others to watch out for include the LN pair from Double J. Ln Double Stuff and Ln Michaels both have won twice and flashed good early speed of their own during those victories. With a good inside post, both should contend with the leaders in the money throughout in this effort. (4-5-2-3)

Race 13 – (770 Marathon Finals) – When you have a track record holder in the field, and she has just won the qualifying round, and three straight over this distance, you must pick her to win! Herstal is made to run this far and dominates every chance she gets over the 770-yard course. No matter the post, which she likes here, she will outdrive the rest and score for her 4th straight 770-yard win. Pressing her will be the DQ newcomer to the mix, Mr Tito. Tito took big burly strides to stalk, pass, and win in qualifying and could be a bit time threat again, if he can get out of the box. The 5 is not the 1, and that might give him a bit more traffic to deal with in this effort. Can’t forget about Pat C Da Ta either. She has won over this distance before and was strong second her Herstal in their qualifying heat, and why not use the other runner up too. C Ville Hope is a great breaker, but can be short late up front over 770. Most likely the early leader tonight, she sets the pace and surrenders somewhere back into the money once again in this effort. (4-5-7-3)

Race 14 – (550 Grade B) – No big time early speeders here, so it looks like O Ya Casey Jones could be unimpeded to the lead once again in this effort. Hot off a win last time out, he is ready to get back to grade A after finally finding his form again. If he hits the lid, he might be hard to catch. Trying to run him down will be the quick closing threat C Ville Clone, who almost always seems to be in the money, Jack’s Full Moon, a former grade A that is a converted 660 greyhounds, and Js Simplee Posh who loves the inside and had won back to back races just 3 starts ago. (1-6-5-2)

Race 15 – (550 Grade A) – Post positon trumps speed in the nightcap. Miss Margie has been stuck outside of the 4 box for the last 6 races in a row. Finally, back on the rail, she will break better and prove best at the wire. Leading the way early will probably be Ww’s O Not Again. Despite the rough post, her early speed will get her clear to the front and in command at the start of this effort. She is short late, and will be again here, but a gallant try none the less. If she gets help behind, she too could hold on for the upset. Watch out for the well posted Lee Polly as well. She has been tough in her last two races from the well, and veteran Ddm’s Black Hole is a whole different greyhound from the outside. This big time closer is running well as of late, a pair of 2nd in her last 2 races, and could threaten at the wire if she can get into the conversation early on. (1-8-2-7)

Remember that this Saturday evening is going to be something special for not just the crowds that come to the racetrack for the promotion, but for our betting fans locally, from around the country, and from around the world. Spread the news, grab your friends, make your plans, and watch, wager, and win on some fantastic greyhounds this Saturday evening in our 12 stakes races of Christmas at bestbet Jacksonville.