MoneyMaker Mikes' Final Eight

MoneyMaker Mike

October 29th, 2014

The 2014 Southland Festival Of Stakes finals are set along with the consolation races for Friday evening, October 31. What a tremendous past few weeks of incredible stakes racing we have had and after 4 extremely exciting rounds, the finals are set and post positions have been drawn. This Festival Of Stakes competition at Southland for 2014 has been as tough as ever at any greyhound track at any time and it all comes down to Halloween night, this Friday, to crown the well earned champions. Before this competition started, MoneyMaker Mike projected a winner in each division as well as the final eight greyhounds in each of the six divisions for a total of 48 greyhounds selected. Those of you who have been following us may know that of the 48 picks I chose to make the finals, there are still 31 of those selections running in the finals and consolation races of the six divisions. There were 22 of my picks to make the finals and 9 more that made the consolation races. I also have 4 of my 6 choices for division winners still in the running for the championships. Listed below are the stakes races for Friday evening and my picks from 3 weeks ago that are still in the running for the finals and consolation races. I will have my picks for all 11 stakes races posted tomorrow on BetAmerica so please be sure and check us out before racetime. Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone with you wagers.

Friday evening, October 31st

2014 Southland Festival Of Champions stakes races


Race 6 - 583 yards - Arkansas Bred Division consolation - Arkans Jack, Arkuska Della, Cbj Snickers

Race 7 - 583 yards -  Juvenile Division Consolation  -  Mr. Shillelagh

Race 8 - 583 yards - Sprint Division Consolation - WW's Dove House - Kiowa Oriole - Cbj Butterfinger

Race 9 - 660 yards - Middle Distance Division Consolation - none of my picks are in this race

Race10- 703 yards - Marathon Division Consolation - Boc's Blast Off - KL'S CHRISTOPHER (was my early pick to win this divison)


Race11- 583 yards - Arkansas Bred Division Finals - Amf Leaded Gas, CBJ OLD GLORY (my early pick to win this division), Cbj Treat, Keeper Pocket, Tebucky Jones

Race12- 583 yards - Juvenile Division Finals - Chasmo's Diesel, Counselor, Fly Aqib Talib, Kiowa Dandelions, PJ REFINED (my early pick to win this division

Race13- 660 yards - Middle Distance Division Finals - Kiowa Jared, Ww Wise Up

Race14- 703 yards - Marathon Division Finals - Barts Onajourney, Boc's Yohanblake, Flying War Wager

Race15- 820 yards - Super Marathon Division Finals - Gs Anthony, Kiowa Groom, KR ALL AMPED UP (my early pick to win this division), RcHoldingspride

Race16- 583 yards - Sprint Championship Division Finals - Flying Riot, FLYING TITANIUM (my early pick to win this division), Kiowa Producer