2014 SOUTHLAND Festival Of Stakes is in the books, congratulations to all the winners

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MoneyMaker Mike

November 4th, 2014

Congratulations to all the winners in the 2014 Southland Festival Of Stakes which concluded on Friday night. It was an extremely competitive evening of stakes competition and the winners are listed below. Let's give a shout out and high five to both CBJ OLD GLORY and CHASMO'S DIESEL who went undefeated thruout all rounds of the Festival Of Stakes competition.  Congratulations as well to the Mike Harris Kennel and trainer Victor Hall who had 3 winners in the six divisions  and special recognition goes to the Lester Raines Kennel and trainer Ken Lesperance as they had 5 of the greyhounds in the Sprint Championship race. Job well done by all involved in putting on this world class greyhound stakes racing. As for MoneyMaker Mike's picks, we had 4 of the 6 division winning greyhounds who we picked before the three week contest started to make the finals and two of them come away with the title. CBJ OLD GLORY and KR ALL AMPED UP both won their divisions and a third greyhound, PJ REFINED finished second in his. The fourth pick, FLYING TITANIUM finished 6th in his division. In all, of the 48 MoneyMaker picks at the start of the contest for the six division finals to reach the finals, we had 9 greyhounds to make the Consolation Finals and 22 greyhounds to make the overall Finals. Here are the winners and congratulations once again to them and their connections. Thanks for reading.


Arkansas Bred Division -583 yards - Rp Shy Guy

Juvenile Division - 583 yards - White Night

Sprint Division - 583 yards - Atascocita Hamby

Middle Distance Division - Easi Shot

Marathon Division - Magic Evo



Arkansas Bred Division - 583 yards - CBJ OLD GLORY (went undefeated in all rounds)

Juvenile Division - 583 yards - CHASMO'S DIESEL (went undefeated in all rounds)

Middle Distance Division - 660 yards - CBJ TIAS LUV

Marathon Division - 703 yards - BOC'S YOHANBLAKE

Super Marathon Division - 820 yards - KR ALL AMPED UP

Spint Championship Division - 583 yards - U TOO PURE SILK