2016 bestbet Sprint Classic Preview

Profile Picture: Kelly Clark

Kelly Clark

July 15th, 2016

What a stellar field of greyhounds we have on tap for the upcoming $20,000 bestbet Sprint Classic. Loads of talent will be on tap as 64 of the best we have to offer up here at bestbet Jacksonville will be vying for the title and trophy over the next 3 weeks. Not only do we have several multi-stakes finalist, we have stakes winners, All-Americans, a track record holder, and the greyhound that won this race last year all in the running. Let’s take a closer look at some of the contenders and see who the favorites are heading into the first round on Monday evening July 18th at bestbet Jacksonville.

Of course you have to put the hottest greyhound at the racetrack right up front and center. All-American Need My Moneynow has taken the racetrack by storm and gets another chance at a title. The winner of the 2016 March Mayhem Championship currently has a 7 race win streak going and has proved best in 13 of his last 16 efforts. He has not missed the quiniela in 21 straight races and has flirted with the track record on several occasions. This winner of the 2016 Daytona 550 race is ready to make a case as the favorite of all headed into this stakes event.

The other big name that everyone knows is Charlie Bale. No greyhound at the racetrack has more raw speed and his disposable, but it comes at a price, and sometimes he can get a little bit over anxious. Sure he has looked as been a little flat as of late, but we all know just what he can do around the racetrack. No lead is safe in any race and he has proved than he can run down Need My Moneynow, and just about everyone else at the racetrack, with the lead in the stretch. (see race 4-6-16) As the best closer coming into this field, he has the edge over the rest as he doesn’t need to be in front to win races. If he gets his head back on right, he is going to be a major force in this championship.

Another greyhound not to forget about is last year’s winner Cj’s Colin. Probably the best early speed greyhound that is entered into this event, Colin can turn those 2 length to 4 and hold on all the way to the wire and steal victories on the front end. He has been short in the past late, but that only comes when a big dog, see above, is coming hard at him in the later stages of the race. Colin was a monster last year as he won 4 of the 5 rounds, including the finals, of this very same stakes event. He will have to be on top of his game though as this field will be tough to beat in each and every qualifying trip.

The other major stakes winner in the ranks is Ln Houdini. His title came in the 2016 James J Patton Silver Cup as he pocketed the Lion’s share of $50,000 at the finish line. A long shot there, he surprised them all, but flying under the radar might be a little tougher this time around. This all out clear runner has really gotten back into the groove as of late and is back winning against the best at the racetrack. He is an all-out force from the outside and could be dominate once again if he can draw some great post positions during qualifying.

More stakes winners are also in contention. How about 3 puppy stakes champs? I know the early competition can be a bit easier for them, but this pups have turned into major forces at the racetrack and now are all out stakes threats to anyone that they compete with. Pullanallnighter, the winner of the 2015 bestbet Juvenile, has been finding her break again in the past couple of months. She has seen the lead in 6 of her last 8 races and has turned those opportunities into 3 victories at the finish line. Not to be outdone, the Pat Collins Kennel, has not one, but two, puppy stakes champs to worry about. Pat C Outbounds was the winner of the 2016 bestbet Puppy Stakes and Pat C More Ever was the winner of the 2015 bestbet Puppy Stakes. Both greyhounds have had success since winning their titles and each have been in the other stakes finals already in their young careers.

Still there are more greyhounds to consider, and even though they do not have the hardware that some of the previous greyhounds mentioned do, they are still threats to not only make the finals, like they have in the past, but to put up a victory in the final round race. The old guard is still here with the likes of Gs Flipper, Ww’s Sammy, and Sheezsohot, but the young guns also get some respect as well. Newcomers Kc’s Todd, Js Great Escape, and Rams Big Dan T all have shown their worth against the best as should be in the mix of name competing for a shot at the finals again here.

I would be amiss not to mention Kmz Kraken here as well. This pure puppy has only 13 starts under her belt, but she has proven that she is faster than anyone in this race. Just two races ago she hit the lid and never looked back from the 1 box and scorched the racetrack, and the grade A field she was running against, to the turn of 30.00 seconds. That would be a new track record making her the fastest of all time around the Orange Park oval.

All the excitement gets underway in round 1 on Monday evening July 18th at bestbet Jacksonville. Round 2 takes place on Friday evening July 22nd. Round 3 runs on Monday evening July 25th, and the semi-finals run on Saturday evening July 30th. The finals of this race will run on Saturday evening August 6th, 2016 in conjunction with the end of the summer party at bestbet Jacksonville.