2016 Hound Madness Stakes Begins

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MoneyMaker Mike

March 5th, 2016

Welcome to what is sure to be an exciting day of highly entertaining greyhound racing at the Southland track as the 2016 Southland "Hound Madness Stakes" competition gets underway on Sunday. There are 18 races on the program for the twilight card for your viewing and wagering pleasure. Of those 18 races, 8 contests are part of the HOUND MADNESS  STAKES and there are 64 talented and hard running greyhounds who have been entered and who are going after the title. I have selected 8 greyhounds who I think will make the quarterfinals and also who I think will be the eventual champion along with a greyhound to keep an eye on during the contest. I have listed these below and will update this stakes competition during each round. Also listed below are the greyhounds running Sunday with at least a current two race win streak, as followers of my Southland blog will know, this week MoneyMaker Mike has been selecting those races where a greyhound has at least a two race winning streak going. We did this last season and the results were interesting as only a few greyhounds were able to continue their winning streaks during the study. I've listed these races below for greyhound fans and racing fans in general to check out and I will continue this thru Sunday and then give a recap on how the greyhounds fared in their quest to keep their winning streaks going. Always remember that BetAmerica is just a click away for your wagering opportunities or for any questions or comments you may have. Thanks for reading and good luck.

Southland 2016 Hound Madness picks to make the quarterfinals and my pick to win it all. I've also included the MoneyMaker Mike pick to keep an eye on.


Midwest Region finals - RUBBERBAND MAN - FLYING FIRED UP East Region finals - CHASMO'S DIESEL - PJ REFINED


MoneyMaker Mike's pick to win it all - CHASMO'S DUTCH

MoneyMaker Mike's one to keep an eye on - AMF SLEEKSTRANGR


Sunday twilight - Greyhounds on a two race winning streak

Race 11 - 583 yards - Grade AA - POWER OF PURPLE - 4 box - included here because he does have a schooling win to go along with his official last start win.

Race 12 - 583 yards - Grade SAA - BOC'S TONY ROMO - 1 box - going for 4 straight wins

Race 13 - 583 yards - Grade AA - PJ'S ASSASSIN - 8 box - going for 3 straight wins

Race 16 - 583 yards - Grade SAA - RUBBERBAND MAN - 1 box - going for 4 straight wins

Race 17 - 703 yards - Grade TAA - SHOW ON THE ROAD - 4 box - going for 10 straight wins

Race 18 - 583 yards - Grade SAA - BELLA MARY - 4 box - going for 3 straight wins

Race 18 - 583 yards - Grade SAA - SE TALI SUNDANCE - 5 box - going for 4 straight wins