All-American Weekend

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Kelly Clark

July 1st, 2016

Another exciting weekend of racing is ahead of us here at bestbet Jacksonville, as our greyhound summer promotion continues to draw fans and rev up the fun factor. No matter what you are into, we have you covered this weekend. Loads of early speeders, late closers, stakes threats, stakes winners, oh and just a couple All-Americans too for everyone to watch, wager and win on.

Let’s take a closer look at the feature races for this weekend and get you cashing some tickets here at bestbet Jacksonville.

Friday evening July 1, 2016

Race 7 – A good mix of the old and the new in this effort. Puppy power wins out though as upstart Lee Tuco is looking of his first top grade win in this effort. Posted well in the 1 box, he should get around close, and late he has speed to burn. Tough to ignore that last effort as he smoked the clock in 30.36. Doing enough he gets it done. If he wants to win he will have to catch the early speeders on the outside part of the racetrack. Boc’s Andross is the only solid grade A in the field and has only missed the money once in her last 5 starts. Gs Flipper is a former stakes finalist that has the best early speed of anyone in this bunch. If she tears to the lead, she could upset here. Let’s not overlook Se’s Cashier either. This pup has taken well to the track, but needs a big break in order to contend in this one. (1-8-6-7)

Race 10 – The best closer at the racetrack looks to get back into the winner’s circle in this effort. Charlie Bale has not won in 3 races, but had a three race win streak before that. He is as fast as he wants to be and can run anyone here down from behind if the mood suits him. With a better inside post in this effort, no lead will be safe at the finish line. Making him work will be the fantastic newcomer Trackinfo Lisbet. Here she should get a false start between two slow breakers and be unabated to the early lead in this race. Late she is not the same runner and will have problems with the big closers at the wire. Also pay attention to the solid grade A closing duo Pat C Dashboard and Cbj Willow, as they turn up the boost in the stretch and throw their hats into the ring in the deep stretch. (3-4-7-5)

Race 15 – The only distance race in the features, this 660 gem could be won by almost anyone if they run their race. We have to go somewhere with the pick, so how about a smart breaking posted up threat Mac Ennison. Currently she has been breaking best and will make everyone have to be on their game to run her down. Several will try to get the job done, including the multi-stakes competitor Pat C Signed, who is hot off a win a couple of starts back, Sassy’s Shadow who comes from DQ, who has won 2 of her last 4 starts and loves the inside post position, and watch out for Atascocita Warm. This solid grade A runs hot and cold, but when she is on, she is blowing up the water heater. If she wants to run, she will make the real race be for place. (4-1-3-7)

Saturday matinee July 2, 2016

Race 7 – Nice to see puppies doing well at bestbet Jacksonville. In this race we get 3 of them with 116 of fewer starts and all have been a force at the racetrack and are currently running and competing in grade A. Easi Charlie flew up the ladder and has 6 win in 10 races at bestbet Jacksonville, including her last two grade A races in a row. This greyhound is the real deal and can win with or without the early lead. Getting better, and faster, with every start, she will be tough to beat here. Ram Moberrie, and Craigie Testify will both try to take down the rivals and take home the win today. Both are early speed monsters and both will push the pace to the stretch in this effort. I don’t know if either can steal enough on the rest to hold on, as they are both short late, but you never know what can happen when you add the matinee racetrack to all the early speed. Another greyhound to consider here is the well posted, solid grade A veteran, Tr’s Bisquit. Wearing red he is ultra-tough and has 2 wins in 6 races in grade A showing. If he gets loose, he too could take them all down before the wire today. (7-5-2-1)

Race 11 – Now for the veteran part of our performance. Big times stakes runner and winners are in this race, but like several others, it won’t be a calk walk for either of them to take home the win. Clearly Cj’s Sadie will be the early leader in this effort. She is arguably the best early speed greyhound the racetrack, but she pays for it in the deep stretch. She is almost always gets caught at late, well except for her last race, and although she might not get the W, she is a great in the money play on your tickets. (6 straight in the trifecta) Running her down will be the talents of stakes winner Atascocita Pirro. Finally, back in form and posted up well, this solid grade A will get it done at the wire once again. Ww’s Sammy must not be discounted either. This multi-stakes finalist draws her bet box and if she gets loose early on, no one here can catch her with the lead. IF she breaks, is the question. Running better as of late, Boc’s Luigi has 2 wins in 3 races and an almost midtrack post. That should be just enough for her to get into the mix in her 6 straight trip around the oval. (2-8-5-3)

Saturday evening July 2, 2016

Race 7 – Another highly contests race comes our way, but another stakes winner is in the ranks. Cj’s Colin is the early speed king, and although he has been caught a lot recently, he gets extra room at the break with the empty box next to him, and besides the last time he posted up a W, was from this very same starting box. No one beats him to the lead or the wire here. Now he is going to be pressed in this event though and some of that pressure will come early and others will come late. Mrl Igotnosixes is back in form, back breaking well, and back in grade A, and will push the pace of the leader from the start all the way to the wire. Both need to be wary of the outside closing threats of the solid grade A runner Hey Pretty Baby, and the waking up late driving factor Kiowa Octane. (4-3-6-8)

Race 11 – More races, more stakes winners, but even though this race has a pair of them, neither will be favored to win. Hey Hey Daddy gets the nod here. Winner of 3 straight and 4 of her last 5 efforts, and half-sister to a pair of All-Americans, his path to the streak continues tonight, especially from an advantageous post position. Recent puppy stakes winner, Pat C Outbounds is posted well and should factor for every step of this race. With 3 wins and 5 quiniela in 6 races, she will be a threat throughout once again in this race. Ln Houdini won the Patton Silver Cup, but wasn’t the same since. Recently he is finding that stakes winning form again and has posted up a pair of gems in his last 3 efforts. With a big break, he could upset the others in this effort. Watch out for former stakes finalist Sheezsohot as well. Running well, posted up, and has the class to contend tonight. If she wants to update the big boys and girls, she needs a superior break in this effort. (6-3-4-2)

Sunday matinee July 3, 2016

Race 7 – All-American Sunday starts out with the Daytona 550 winner Need My Moneynow. This breaking machine is rested and ready to pounce from the starting box. Once in front, no one here can run with him in the wide open. With a great post position, and 4 straight wins, today he will stretch the streak to 5 in a row. Racing for place will be the talented closing trio from the middle of the racetrack. Kanes Hollywood might not win a whole lot, but he is always gaining, never gives up in any race, and always seems to find a way into the money at the finish line. The wider the better for Cbj Sassafras and the 6 is wide enough to compete. A closer by nature too, she can break on occasion, but lacks the all-out speed to hang with the AA in this effort. Gaining late, yes, finishing in the money again here, yes, winning, I think not. Beachin is another greyhound that just keeps coming no matter what. Off a big rest, she varied little in the warm up and stayed behind the winner of that schooling effort, Need My Moneynow, all the way to the wire. Expect more of the same here. (2-5-6-4)

Race 11 – All-American two makes his return to the racetrack, and this is the one that everyone has been waiting for. Seldom Told has really been almost undefeatable at Orange Park. With 8 wins in 9 race, all of those in a row, and a 2nd by half a length in his last effort, he has not finished outside of the quiniela the racetrack. He can win with or without the lead and looked great with a box to wire victory in his schooling effort. Whatever he needs to do, he will do in this effort. Winning again, today the new streak starts! Interesting behind him as Ww’s Cecilla could be the one to catch next best at the wire. Running hot with back to back wins, one from on the lead and one from off the lead, she has enough to make it to next best at the wire. Puppy stakes winner Pullanallnighter will be flashing her early speed and could be the one to catch on the front end in this effort. With 4 of 5 in the money, including a win 4 races back, she could be upset minded again tonight. Rising star Idaho Kinky gets some love her as well. Clearly not on part with an AA out of the gate, but running well in a few starts. 4 wins in 6 efforts and 6 straight in the trifecta, he too must not be left out under on your tickets today. (2-8-5-3)