5 Maiden Greyhounds To Be Following At Southland

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MoneyMaker Mike

September 27th, 2014

By MoneyMaker Mike

Some of you know that I've been putting out the "Five Up and Coming Greyhounds You Should Be Following At Southland" the past couple of months and I've decided to expand on that to include those young greyhounds who have shown nice potential in schooling and maiden races but have yet to get that first career win. These are listed alphabetically and are running this weekend in case you would like to watch and wager on them. Good luck to everyone and thanks for reading.

GS BRYCE - He started with 3 impressive schooling races including 2 wins and a second place finish but had a slow break and much trouble on the turn in his first official race. He did however show good closing ability and was able to get a 4th place finish in that contest. He has been able to run on the inside as well as mid-track and wide so this all over the track running style may bode well for  him in the future. His next outing is Sunday afternoon, September 28 in the first race.

KAY YOLANDA - She has only had 3 schooling races but in those she has 2 wins and a 4th place finish. The 2 wins have come by 6 and 12 lengths so this young greyhound certainly deserves being on the radar of talented young and upcoming pups. She seems to like it mid-track and has drawn outside posts in each of the 3 schooling contests. She has a good rush to the turn and seems to maintain that thru out the race. Her next race is Saturday evening, September 27 in the first race.

KL'S PEYTON - In 3 schooling races, he had a first, second and fourth place finish. He won by 12 lengths in his win and in his first official start, despite trouble, he ran a strong second. He shows both good early speed and a nice closing run down the stretch. In one of his schooling races, he ran a 32.10, a fast time even for Grade A greyhounds. His next race is Saturday afternoon, September 27 in the fourth race.

PG LEAPING LILA - She had two schooling races, both of which she won from the six box by going to the front early and keeping the lead. Appears to have a mid to wide running style and lots of early speed. In her first official race she encountered much trouble by being bumped and had a last place finish. I think her potential is too much to keep her down for long. Her next race is Saturday evening, September 27 in race 5.

SLATEX CALYPSO-  She has only had two schooling races to this point and in the first one, she drew the seven box and finished 4th after being bumped. Her next schooling contest she drew the 4 box and had trouble but won by an impressive 13 lengths. She has a mid-track running style and I like the fact that she battles thru trouble. Her next outing is Sunday afternoon, September 28 and she is in race 3.