$50,000 Palm Beach Derby Semi-Final

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Jason Michael

February 21st, 2016

*Ethel Is Here*

We are ready for the Sweet 16 semi-finals of the $50,000 James W Paul 3/8ths Mile Derby today at Palm Beach!  Many of the best middle distance runners in the country will put it all on the line to secure a spot in next Saturday's Final with 50K up for grabs.

Before we break down the semis, there are a few greyhounds that are a virtual lock to make the Final.  Ethel Is Here, Atascocita Camry, Kay Beowulf & Flying Fala have accumulated enough points from the first rounds to book a date in the 85th Derby Final next Saturday.  The other 4 spots are completely up for grabs. Who will be a hero this afternoon for their Teams?

Here is what we think we happen this afternoon in the semi-finals at "The Beach."

Race 12

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#4 Ethel Is Here from the Janie Carroll Kennel just ran angry last time out.

After being upset in the 2nd round, the track record holder flew out of the box and scorched one of the fastest splits in Palm Beach history with a 37.30 secs victory.  The great ones hate to lose and Ethel is certainly in that category.  She continues to be the one to beat in this Tournament and today should be no different.

#6 Kb's Sophia from Rader Racing has started to heat up as this Tourney has progressed.  One of the biggest closers of any of the Sweet 16 still running, she will need just a solid showing here to secure a Finals spot.

#1 Cbj Smokin Hot came out with a surprising win in the last round and will need to finish in the top 3 to have any shot at the Final.  Having the rail to fire from should help.

Ethel Is Here should put in another dynamite performance today. Watch and enjoy a legend folks.

Picks 4-6-7-1

Race 14

I knew that #5 Atascocita Camry from Suncoast Racing would be one of the top breakers of this Tourney, but I don't thin any of us thought she would be this good.

The only greyhound to upset Ethel Is Here, Camry should again take a gigantic lead in this race.  The 16 time winner this season to me really is the only one that could derail the heavy favorite from winning next weekend.

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$20,000 Dick Andrews Futurity champion #3 Kay Beowulf from Rader Racing has taken to her new distance quite nicely.  Two wins and a show in this Tourney has her thinking of another Stakes victory next Saturday.  Isn't a great closer, so getting the lead early from Camry is her only chance here.

Watch out for Flying Fala, who is a 50% winner on the season and has the same stat lines as Beowulf in this Tourney.

I'm going with Camry to win once again...just barely.

Picks 5-3-4-7

After today, here is my prediction for who will be the Final 8 for next weekends Derby Championship:

1. Ethel Is Here ~ Janie Carroll Kennel

2. Kay Beowulf ~ Rader Racing

3. Atascocita Camry ~ Suncoast Racing

4. Atascocita Dago ~ Suncoast Racing

5. Flying Fala ~ Royal Racing Team

6. Kb's Sophia ~ Rader Racing

7. Pat C Pownzer ~ Koppe, Staats & Collins

8. Peddler ~ Ryan Racing

Enjoy the semi-finals action today Palm Beach fans!

Who do you like today and in the Final next week?  Message me on Facebook- Palm Beach Jason or on Twitter @JasonPalmBeach