The Queen of All Distances

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Kelly Clark

April 6th, 2017

After finishing 2nd by less than a length in all the qualifying rounds, Boc’s Queen Lady saved her ruling run for when it counted the most. In the finals of the 2017 IronHound Stakes, over 770 yards. Boc’s Queen Lady reigned supreme.

In the 11th race on Saturday evening April 1st, you know April Fool’s Day, the lure blew by the starting box, the lid flew open, and the race was on for the lead and control of the final leg of the 2017 IronHound Stakes. Loads of talent was in this field, but it was going to be interesting to watch as several of these pups have never run this far in their lives. Could they go that far? Could they stay out of trouble? Could they steal away a lead? Could they get some help behind? All questions that needed answered, and answered they were in this final. No doubt about who was breaking and rushing well early in this race. From the box, early speeder Lee Trinity, Pat C Hartie, Boc’s Queen Lady, and 330 track record holder, Jack’s Big Drama all came to run. These greyhounds battled for early control down the backside, but as they entered the turn, Jack’s Big Drama had taken over the early lead. Boc’s Queen Lady was right on his heels and made room for herself as they rounded the ben. Pushing the leader out of her way, Lady took over control of this race as Ww Blair slipped past on the rail as well. At the finish line the first time around, Lady had stolen 2 lengths on the rest of the chasers and put herself in command of this final round race. Ww Blair was just off in second, followed by early lead Jack’s Big Drama and early threat Lee Trinity. Around the escape turn they went and the song remained the same. Queen Lady breezing on the lead, and the rest in tow, but the backside would not be kind to the chasing greyhounds that have never run this far. There the closers started to make their moves and started to pick off the weakening greyhounds ahead of them one by one. By the far turn, Blair had closed the gap a bit on the lead and was within striking distance, but Boc’s Queen Lady was having none of that. She put her head back down again and gave a determined run through the far turn as she put her sites on the wire. Blair was comfortably chasing in second but would have work to do as well late if he wanted to stay there. Dutch Regan moved up into third with a big closing rush and Fiesta Bonker and Trackinfo Rich were starting their late drives as well. Down the stretch the leader went and it was apparent half way home that she was not going to be beat in this effort. With a gritty determination, she crossed the finish line 3 lengths ahead of the rest in 43.80 seconds, and proved that she was the master of all distances at the finish line. Holding on late, Ww Blair finished second after a long stalking trip around the oval. Closer Dutch Reagan make up ground throughout the race and secured a close third at the finish line. In the end, Fiesta Bonker won the battle for the final spot in the superfecta.
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Congratulations head out to the Blanchard Kennel, Trainer Traci Chase, Kennel Owners Jim and Melissa Blanchard, Greyhound Owners Brad Boeckenstedt or Concepta Stapleton, and everyone else connected with this fantastic greyhound. Not only did she get the job done in the finals, she was the only greyhound in the mix to not miss the quiniela in all 4 rounds. Don’t forget that she also was a recent finalist in the $50,000 James J Patton Silver Cup. Big things are ahead for this little girl who won’t turn three until November of this year. Keep an eye out of her in the future as big things will be expected from her in the following months in the upcoming stakes events.