5 Greyhounds You Should Be Following at Southland

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MoneyMaker Mike

August 14th, 2014

Over the past few months there have been a good many young greyhounds who have started their career on the Southland track and we want to take this time to recognize several of them and give the viewing and betting public an opportunity to watch them move up the ladder at the most competitive track in the country. I have listed them in alphabetical order and will keep you updated on their progress. If you see a greyhound you think bears watching please feel free to let me know as we all see different racers in different ways. For listing purposes I've limited the choices to those young greyhounds who have had 10 or less official starts up to this point. Thanks for reading and good luck should you decide to use these greyhounds in your wagers.


BORDER CAMPAIGN - This greyhound has gotten his young career off to a very impressive start with 9 in the money finishes in 9 races and this includes 4 wins already. He loves the inside and will be going for his third straight win on Thursday, August 14 as he makes his first start in Grade A.


CBJ BENTLEY - He's won 4 of his first 6 official races and seems to run strong from any post position he draws. Has a tremendous rush to the turn and has moved quickly up the ladder and will be making his Grade A debut in his next start. Definitely bears watching as his racing future seems bright indeed.


COME BACK WILSON - He's shown potential as evidenced by his 7 top four finishes in 9 official starts which includes three wins. He has nice early speed and not only is a threat to be the frontrunner when he hits the lid but to hold the lead as well. Nice pup and he has moved up from Grade M to Grade B in five weeks.


DARK N DEMURE - She has won 3 starts out of her first 5 races and in two of those wins, she showed her talents and speed by winning by 10 and 14 lengths. Her next start will be in Grade B and with her good early rush, she's got a darn good chance to continue her success.


TB'S SKY CAPTAIN - In his first 10 races he has 9 top three finishes and has shown potential and ability by already winning both a 583 yard and a 660 yard race. He is now in Grade C and running the distance course, I like his inside running style and his never give up effort each time out despite having encountered trouble in over half of his races.