A jackpot with a twist: more winners and big money

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Ed DeRosa

August 16th, 2013

The biggest difference between betting on the pull of a slot machine and the outcome of a horse race isn't skill; it's the pay table.

Yes, for me and the vast majority of people reading this blog betting on Thoroughbred racing IS a game of skill, but for many--even those who play on a regular basis--it's a gambling exercise same as a slot machine. It's just that results determined by horses is more interesting than a spinning reel.

Before introduced its Jackpot 5 wager, the closest horse racing could come to a slot machine pay table was an across the board wager that offered three separate returns for a win, two for a second-place finish, and a single payout for a third-place finish. Unless you're betting a longshot, however, there is nothing close to a jackpot on a Win-Place-Show wager, and even a 100-to-1 return to win pales in comparison to what most slot machines offer on the top line.

And that's why the biggest difference between slots and racing is the pay table. A slot machine (or instant lottery ticket) offers many chances for some profit while also allowing for a jackpot opportunity. Jackpot 5 is's attempt to bring that opportunity to horseplayers.

Your $1 Jackpot 5 bet is actually two wagers: A Pick 5 attempting to be the only person to select all five winners and a Pick 5 attempting to finish third or better with your selection in all five races. The former plays for 20% of the net pool while the latter plays for 80%.

Unlike other pari-mutuel wagers with a jackpot provision. the Jackpot 5 is more like a slot machine in this regard as well in that it allocates more money from the pool to the minor award while still offering players a big chance at a big payout--especially with the $25,000 carryover to start things off.

A common complaint regarding super-exotic and/or jackpot wagers is that they're churn killers. They tie up money, only pay out to a handful of winners each day, etc. Jackpot 5 addresses that by returning 80% of the net pool to those who pick 5 consecutive show horses.

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